Cute and Easy Frig Magnet Craft

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I finally got sick of looking at “Bob’s Plumbing” (no offense Bob) and several random chipped up porcelain refrigerator magnets. How about you? What’s your worst magnet?

To remedy that, the kids and I had another craft day. This was so easy and cheap. I think I’ll do it again and next time I will splurge on stronger magnets for all the pictures and cardstock I hang.

Supplies you’ll need:

  • cute bright colored papers (even recycled cards and mail work)
  • large glass gems (I got mine at the dollar store)
  • magnets
  • glue (so far Elmer’s worked)
  • scissors

We cut out squares of paper and glued the decorative side of the paper to the back of the gem so the pattern shows through the bubble. Be sure to spread and smash the glue across the entire gem. Then we let them dry for at least an hour. This was a nice project to start before nap/reading hour and finish after. Once they were dry we trimmed the excess paper and stuck magnets to the back, pressing down hard to attach. Now write yourself a note and try out your new magnets! When the kids drop them all over the floor and break every last one of them, it will only cost pennies to update.



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4 responses to “Cute and Easy Frig Magnet Craft

  1. Okay. You are two days post partum and you are making magnets and blogging. You do just plop ’em out and keep going, don’t you?

  2. A friend left this tip for us… “We did this with my MOPS group last year- the craft lady used “Rare Earth Neo Dymium” magnets- 3/8″ x 1 or 1.5mm. You can find them on ebay- they hold lots of weight and work through multiple thicknesses. I’ve got one holding three concert tickets right now :-)”


  3. i just did this a couple of days ago! i loved the way they turned out. so easy and inexpensive!!

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