Stop it with the birthdays already!

 Well, it’s been a little while now but Captain Obvious had another birthday and I had yet another moment of realization, “I am grown up!”

 How does it happen?

No one can say. But I was picking dandelion bouquets one day and filling little vases with my children’s beautiful weeds the next.

I love this first picture of us as parents. You might not be able to tell except the red face but Captain was taking a breath in the middle of a good cry and Matt and I are laughing.

Who would have known that this little screaming baby would turn into a boy?

A boy who loves the Lord.

A boy who helps with his siblings.

A boy who loves animals.

A boy, whom a the ripe age of 9 is already passionate about truth and faith.

Where do they come from?

I am certainly nothing special.

After all, wasn’t I nine just last week?


No one has ever been able to describe it and mother’s will forever say, “I can remember my childhood like it was yesterday.”

I am in awe at the wonder of God’s creation!


Beautiful, unique, challenging, growing, child of mine.

Side note – Captain Obvious has requested a nick name change. I haven’t decided yet if I can bear to give up my “authority”. He would like to petition the blog for the name Doolittle instead of Captain Obvious.



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8 responses to “Stop it with the birthdays already!

  1. Just wait until you’re not allowed to blog about him at all!!! Notice the lack of kiddage on my blog! And btw, if you think you’re OLD my YOUNGEST will be 9 in May! The other day I said, “I watched that movie 20 years ago.” Only to realize it was actually 30 years ago! Oy, the pain!!

    • Oy is right! But I have so many friends with older kids (not older friends you see…lol) that make it look so glamorous and fun. I sorta can’t wait for that stage too. On one hand I want them to stay right like they are and on the other there is such fulfillment in watching them grow!

  2. Beautiful kiddos. Sweet reflection. Both of ours are still under two years old but I still love looking back at our first pictures with each of them even though it wasn’t too long ago.

  3. That picture of you 3…you guys look so young and full of excitement!

    Beautifully written. I often think that much of God’s wonder is revealed through our children. I learn so much more about Him as we continue to grow our family. You and Matt are doing an amazing job and Captain Obvious (aka Doolittle;) is quite a special kid!

  4. Grammy Lynda

    I LOVE the pic of the three of you! I remember being at the mall with you when you had your picture taken thinking “I can’t believe he’s 4 days old and she feels this great!” Ha! Actually, I think “Doolittle” is a very appropriate name for Captain Obvious!

  5. I like the new parents photo. Nice touch. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. My 10 yr old son (who often hangs out behind my shoulder) read your page and said, “WOW! She writes books. And she’s talking to you?!” I think I may have come up a notch in his eyes. Thanks again!!

    • Oh that’s so cute. 🙂 My oldest is my biggest fan. I’m not yet published but he is absolutely convinced that he will be reading my books someday. I blog mostly because of the great conversations with other wondeful people I get into. Love new friends!

  6. He is becoming such a fine young man! I know …young man…..yuck! Clayton is seven and that makes me cringe. He told me the other day that a girl was cute! So not prepared for this. But you are doing a fine job with all of your lovelies. Doolittle is almost as tall as me….and so are you! haha

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