Redneck chic jewelry holders

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I couldn’t decide if my new plan for my jewelry is seriously hick or more chic so I’ll call it both. Do you have a more creative name for these necklace and earring holders? This was a “waiting for baby” distraction so I’m plumb out of creativity. I had barely enough brain power to wield a glue gun. Hubby wouldn’t even let me use the tin snips. 🙂 Probably with good cause. I’ve been nutty lately!

The rusty ol’ rake head was easy enough to come by. Just beware of rake hunting in the yard if there is likely to be a handle attached. Ouch!

Turn said rake handle upside down and hang from a screw anchored to the wall. Use a good molly or be sure to hit a stud with a long enough screw. That puppy with all that gold (I mean costume jewelry) is really pretty heavy. I tied a ribbon around the top and attached a cute pin to cover the screw head.

Next I made the earring frame using a .50 cent thrift store find and a piece of vintage fabric.

Using the cardboard that the frame came with, I cut my fabric, leaving a generous border on all sides. At first I planned to use the right side but then I decided it would be too busy when the earrings are supposed to be the decoration so Matt suggested I turn it inside out. What a smart husband I have. I would have never considered using the WRONG side.


Once I had it cut to size I cut out the corners, even angling back a little bit, so that I could wrap and glue the fabric to the cardboard.

Hot glue that puppy down. Make sure it is good and tight but don’t buckle the cardboard. And by all means, don’t burn yourself like I did. Maybe that’s why Matt kept me from the tin snips!

Lastly I had Matt cut a square of chicken wire. I sorta wish it was the octagon shape and not square. We used the smallest stuff we had lying around. He cut the corners like I had with the fabric and then bent it around the outside of the front of the frame. I tried putting it in the frame with the fabric but it was too tight and wouldn’t allow the backs of the earrings through. Much too frustrating to use on a daily basis.

Wala! A work of art as well as a practical solution to my earring collection. I have to admit, big earrings are about the only “bling” I’m addicted to.

Any questions? I’m sure my directions are as clear as mud.



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12 responses to “Redneck chic jewelry holders

  1. Now that’s my kind of decor! Now I know what to get my wife next Christmas 🙂

  2. Wow…those are amazing!! I love it, super cute and creative.

  3. By the way, I have to brag that I actually know someone who is so creative so I am going to post this on my Blog Facebook page. Hope you don’t mind:)

  4. When I saw the word redneck I have to say I was wondering what you were up to, but you jewelry holder is way nicer then your redneck barn 🙂 Love the look of the old rake. I have a very nice jewelry box, but I soooooooooo love what you did here much better.

  5. I’m so longing for a rusty piece of octagonal chicken wire! I want to make a hanger for my red and green handled utinsels in the kitchen! I planned on using 2×2’s, but love your frame idea. I also have a RED rake head I am waiting to use to hang coffee mugs on. With no wall space, I’m trying to get enough courage to drill through my cupboards.

    Love your creativity!

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