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If you are looking for books written by me, I’m flattered but I hate to inform you, I’m not yet published. Follow my blog for updates on the journey to publication or visit my website

My current novel in progress:

National Talk Show Host, Clark Jacobson, seeks to expose the Egyptian politician whose life work is planting “churches” designed to bring the three monotheistic religions (Islam, Judaism and Christianity) under one roof and remove his family’s name from the list of advocates. When the Egyptian senator announces he will run for US President and his exotic secretary allegedly accuses Clark of being Islamophobic and Anti-American, the struggle gets even more personal.

A redemption story inspired by the biblical account of Joseph

Scroll down for book reviews- Christian novels, Historical Fiction, Crime Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Biblical stories, Idaho Authors, Bible: 

I like to read. It could be considered one of my many obsessions.  Reading as a hobby, we’ll call it, is especially enticing if it isn’t gardening or horseback riding weather.  Since I’ve started reviewing books I thought I’d better list them for anyone else with a book reading obsession hobby who would like to pick out a few. 

Featured above is my number one book pick of all time.  God’s word.  Where all other books are fallible I believe the Bible is God breathed and personally applicable to each and every one of us.  While there are many great books out there only one stands ready and able to speak into our lives no matter when or where we open it.  My days always go better when I seek the Lord first.  The little old lady on my coffee mug reminds me that I’m gonna get whopped if I lay aside the Good Book for anything else no matter how enticing. 

Now for the disclaimer.  The opinions expressed her are merely OPINIONS. Please don’t be a crab, if you don’t agree – just walk away, walk away.  I will rarely make a strong statement like I hate romance novels.  Uh sorry about that I  HATE it when I do that.  Did I mention I have a hard time being moderate so please forgive me if I hurt your feelings I will immediately take it back.  I’ve felt bad ever since the day I posted that above mentioned faux paux.  Don’t be surprised to see a new, more compassionate review for that truly incredible romance novel. 

Books I read are my own or borrowed from the Library, I do not receive compensation for my reviews unless noted on the post.  You can expect honesty in my reviews though you may not always agree with my assessment. 

At any rate here are some of the books I’ve read.  If a book is not yet linked (Like this – click for home page) I am in process either of reading it or writing the review.  Check back soon for an update.  To see all the books in a category (Books for kids, or 20 something) simply click that title.

There is some sort of orginizational system here, I’m just not sure what. Just click around and if you are totally confused, ask!

Children and Kids at Heart – Books for the kid in all of us: (ALPHABETICAL) 

Click here for an Unofficial Boys Book List

Chapter Books: 

Picture Books: 

Twenty Something – Books for those in the 20 something category – forever: (BY GENRE) I’m actually in the 30 something category.  Do I have to change the name since I’ve vowed to no longer exaggerate. 

Biblical Fiction: 

Francine Rivers 

  • A Lineage of Grace (5 stories) 
  • A Voice in the Wind (1st in The Mark of the Lion Trilogy)

Christian Living: 

  • Bad Girls of the Bible –Liz Curtis Higgs
  • Fight Like a Girl – Lisa Bevere
  • Heaven  – Randy Alcorn

Historical Fiction: 

Lynn AustinThough Waters Roar 

Robin Lee Hatcher 

  • A Vote of Confidence – Sisters of Bethlehem Springs book #1 (20th Century Idaho Fiction)
  • Fit to be Tied – Sisters of Bethlehem Springs book #2 (20th Century Idaho Fiction)

Tracie PetersonDawn’s Prelude,  Song of Alaska book One 


Eats, Shoots & Leaves – The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation – by Lynne Truss (Don’t hold it against me, I’m terrible at punctuation!)

The First Five Pages – Noah Lukeman

Getting into Character – by Brandilyn Collins

Writing the Breakout Novel – by Donald Maass 


Francine RiversRedeeming Love 

M.L. Tyndall 

  • The Red Siren – Charles Towne Belles book #1 (a Christian Pirate?) 
  • Surrender the Night – Surrender to Destiny #2

Suspense – Christian Authors: 



Brandilyn Collins  

  •  Violet Dawn, Kanner Lake Series book One (Idaho Fiction)
  • Coral Moon, Kanner Lake Series book Two (Idaho Fiction)
  •  Eyes of Elisha

Frank Peretti (I’ve read almost everything he’s written, just not lately)

  • House (with Tedd Dekker) A Supernatural Thriller

Jim Rubart – Book of Days

Joel C. Rosenberg -The Last Jihad (Political Thriller)

Other Books: 

Every Knee Shall Bow, The Truth and Tragedy of Ruby Ridge and The Randy Weaver Family – Jess Walter (Idaho True Crime/Conspiracy)