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Redneck chic jewelry holders

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I couldn’t decide if my new plan for my jewelry is seriously hick or more chic so I’ll call it both. Do you have a more creative name for these necklace and earring holders? This was a “waiting for baby” distraction so I’m plumb out of creativity. I had barely enough brain power to wield a glue gun. Hubby wouldn’t even let me use the tin snips. 🙂 Probably with good cause. I’ve been nutty lately!

The rusty ol’ rake head was easy enough to come by. Just beware of rake hunting in the yard if there is likely to be a handle attached. Ouch!

Turn said rake handle upside down and hang from a screw anchored to the wall. Use a good molly or be sure to hit a stud with a long enough screw. That puppy with all that gold (I mean costume jewelry) is really pretty heavy. I tied a ribbon around the top and attached a cute pin to cover the screw head.

Next I made the earring frame using a .50 cent thrift store find and a piece of vintage fabric.

Using the cardboard that the frame came with, I cut my fabric, leaving a generous border on all sides. At first I planned to use the right side but then I decided it would be too busy when the earrings are supposed to be the decoration so Matt suggested I turn it inside out. What a smart husband I have. I would have never considered using the WRONG side.


Once I had it cut to size I cut out the corners, even angling back a little bit, so that I could wrap and glue the fabric to the cardboard.

Hot glue that puppy down. Make sure it is good and tight but don’t buckle the cardboard. And by all means, don’t burn yourself like I did. Maybe that’s why Matt kept me from the tin snips!

Lastly I had Matt cut a square of chicken wire. I sorta wish it was the octagon shape and not square. We used the smallest stuff we had lying around. He cut the corners like I had with the fabric and then bent it around the outside of the front of the frame. I tried putting it in the frame with the fabric but it was too tight and wouldn’t allow the backs of the earrings through. Much too frustrating to use on a daily basis.

Wala! A work of art as well as a practical solution to my earring collection. I have to admit, big earrings are about the only “bling” I’m addicted to.

Any questions? I’m sure my directions are as clear as mud.


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Cute and Easy Frig Magnet Craft

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I finally got sick of looking at “Bob’s Plumbing” (no offense Bob) and several random chipped up porcelain refrigerator magnets. How about you? What’s your worst magnet?

To remedy that, the kids and I had another craft day. This was so easy and cheap. I think I’ll do it again and next time I will splurge on stronger magnets for all the pictures and cardstock I hang.

Supplies you’ll need:

  • cute bright colored papers (even recycled cards and mail work)
  • large glass gems (I got mine at the dollar store)
  • magnets
  • glue (so far Elmer’s worked)
  • scissors

We cut out squares of paper and glued the decorative side of the paper to the back of the gem so the pattern shows through the bubble. Be sure to spread and smash the glue across the entire gem. Then we let them dry for at least an hour. This was a nice project to start before nap/reading hour and finish after. Once they were dry we trimmed the excess paper and stuck magnets to the back, pressing down hard to attach. Now write yourself a note and try out your new magnets! When the kids drop them all over the floor and break every last one of them, it will only cost pennies to update.


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Valentines Day Cute Picture Card Craft

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We put together a pretty picture card for Valentines day (or any occasion) using scrap art and sewing supplies I had on hand. Each of my kids ages 2-9 got to make their own and the result is still really cute! Of course, I had to do the cutting on Peewee’s.


  • 1″ pictures
  • scrapbook paper or other colorful paper (for a fun twist, you could have the kids make their own)
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • hole punch
  • ribbon
  • button

You’ll need to print various pictures. Approximately 1″ size. Regular printer paper works fine and is easy for the kids to glue. Cut out the pictures, then have the kids select their background paper. I used a large scrapbook paper deck. You’ll need 18″x 2″ strips of paper so plan accordingly.

Fold the paper into four equal sections. I did this by first folding the right sides together the long way (18″ in half so you can’t see the pattern) then folding back each side so the pattern shows. An accordian with print on one side and blank on the other. Here is Captain Obvious with his folded and ready to go.

Next we glued the pictures to the pretty side of the paper, being careful to avoid the creases. The kids did this themselves and came up with some really fun ways to place their pictures. I didn’t censor them at all except to slide an image over slightly if it overlapped the edge. Scarfunkle is pleased with his card. He chose to use a flag button and red and white ribbon, reminding me that this is a great craft for any occasion.

Punch a hole in one end of your picture card. Darn, I couldn’t find my hole punch so I carefully punched a hole with a dull pencil. Once your hole is punched you will need to select matching ribbon and a button. Cut an approximately 24″ piece of ribbon. You may need a little more if you have trouble (like I did) getting the ribbon to thread through the button and end up fraying the ends. Below is Loud Kiddington’s “matching” ribbon selection and his very own placement of pictures.

Once the pictures are dried enough to handle the card–we glued everything in the process–you can thread the ribbon through the hole, leaving a 1″ tail then thread through your button (on the front side), back through the button and the hole to the back of your card. Fold the card up and wrap the ribbon around twice then wrap the end of the ribbon around the button.

I didn’t have to tie any knots, the ribbon was snug in the button and wrapped nicely but you may have to get creative if you ribbon is silky or narrow and doesn’t want to stay. Peewee inspects her card after I’ve wrapped it up. “Where my boys?” she asks.

Below is the card, wrapped up and ready to go. We’ll have to see how much postage is since I included a button. 🙂 The end result is such a cute card and would sit nicely on someone’s work desk or counter. You could even attach a couple magnets to the back if you know it’s likely to go straight on the frig.


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Letter Crazed, wall art craft

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I know its kind of a fad now to have words, phrases, letters on your walls. This is one band wagon I have gladly jumped on.

Remember this picture?

These are wooden letters with paper, salvaged wrapping paper and even gift bags, wallpaper, tissue paper and even cutouts from pretty gift cards glued on. The nice thing is if I decide I don’t like it I can glue something else right over! I have also since found cardboard letters that are less expensive at a local scrapbooking store.

Here is what I did with my wooden letters.


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Not Multitasking

Okay I have an over achievers confession. My version of NOT multitasking is narrowing my daily life down to ONE craft project, reading  ONE novel, and working toward ONE major goal at a time. Right now that is slowly writing my novel.

Did I give you an update on writing lately? I’ll have to do that.

I can’t believe how hard it is for me to stick to that! I like variety. Variety in nature, people, life…. When I read, I like to have several different genre’s on my shelf at the same time so I can pick one for whatever mood I’m in. In crafting I like to have different textures, mediums and skills to work on. How many crazies like me are out there?

The problem with this compartmented (did I just make up a word) way of living is when life happens (baby number 5 etc etc) things just won’t get done at all. I need a creative outlet though, so these things can’t go out the window altogether or I feel like I will implode.

I’ve been diligently working on only one crochet project for almost a month now but I am learning a new motif and it is messed up so I need to start over. The Crochet Bible by Sue Whiting has been so fun and inspiring. It has helped my minimal crochet abilities to grow and I am creating more things without patterns. The no pattern thing caused my blanket to turn out extremely wide. If not for the motif I would just leave it but now the flowers will be sideways or I’d have to get more yarn and I can’t do that because I found this unused bag of yarn that happens to have been made in France (oooh la la!) at my church thrift store. I’m STUCK!

My confession… I’m not starting over. I’m putting it aside and taking up locker hooking so I can work on Christmas gifts.

Do you have obsessive multitasking tendencies?


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Mosaic Address Numbers

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I had one of the most relaxing days I’ve had in ages this week. My husband had a bunch of outside chores, my big boys got to go to Grammy’s and I got to sit all day and mosaic! Even better was the fact that my project was a gift for some friends. A couple who are both celebrating their 50th birthday this month. It is exciting to bring a beautiful gift that didn’t cost me much but time and yet it is something they actually needed and wanted. I did a little sneaky digging. 😉

Here are some pictures of my fun…

The funniest part was when my friends husband opened the gift. He looked at it, tipped his head to the side as if in question and said “Hmm, we could hang it in the bathroom.”

Apparently their birthday’s are the 10th and 12th. He thought I was commemorating the dates! His wife smacked his arm and laughed “It’s our HOUSE numbers!” Then they both threw their heads back and laughed and laughed until he could explain his mistake.

I still have to cut the numbers off the mesh and will mortar them to individual tiles so the numbers can be hung in any arrangement then grout and done!


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Yarn Art Random Stripes

Well, it was going to be for my little girl because I was just certain (and I’ve never been wrong) that this baby I’m carrying is a girl. You guessed it! Boy! Not sure he would appreciate a pink and orange blankie.

I love to crochet and ever since I started I’ve wanted to make a random stripe blanket. Unfortunately I’m not naturally random and they always turn out in nice neat little rows or some other repetetive pattern.

But here at Biscuits and Jam you can create a random pattern and see what it will looks like. Yay! Here is a pattern I generated for my newest addition. Now the work begins. Who gets the blanket.




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Mixed Media Art Examples

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Wanna see one of the things I got for my Birthday?

This little book may not look like much but it is chock full of fun! My mother in law hand made the journal out of specifically selected Japanese paper, filling it with blank pages for creative art adventures.

It took me a bit to get going because it is always difficult for me to make the first mark but once I did, there was no stopping me. Here are some of the pages I did.

Ink pen and water-color…

Silk leaf paint stamp…

Collage, rubber stamp, paint stamped object…

Torn page collage…

Tape and paint…


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Amigurumi Bear

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crochet, crafts, polar bear, amigurumi, yarn crafts, teddy bear

Here is Thing One’s Polar Bear requested last Christmas, finally done!

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Boy crafted Noah’s Ark with wood, glue and staples.

Here is the Ark Matt helped the boys make for their cousins for Christmas…

Looks like even Pee Wee lent a hand.

Cut, glue, staple, wa-la!

Now all that’s left is a ridgecap and a coat of stain.  Good job boys!

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Three of my Favorite Christmas Traditions:

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Three of my favorite Christmas Traditions:

I’ve never been accused of being too prissy (unless you count 3rd grade).  Never been one to overdress for the occasion (unless you count Jr. High).  And I’ve definitely not been one to spend exorbitant amounts of money on Christmas for anyone but I’d venture to say I make up for it in creativity.

1. Homemade/Handmade Gifts: 
The boys’ cousins wanted “Noah’s Ark” for Christmas and though I looked I couldn’t find something reasonably priced.  When I mentioned it to my husband he decided that would be the “guy” project for the week.  It took Noah years to build the Ark but it only took three boys and a lot of creativity to build this replica in a day.  I am so proud of their effort.  My boys were excited to create something with their own hands!  Pictures here!

Pee Wee got a crochet humanoid last year that I spent hours on.  An incredibly talented crochet “guru” I found online made a similar doll  (but much better) and I love the blue color.  My mom happened to have just the right shade!   During that creative endeavor the boys had many opportunities to peruse online pictures of amigurumi animals.  Each of them picked out a favorite of which I promptly forgot.  THIS year I overheard them describing to their grandma what they were hoping to get for Christmas.  Each of the older boys outlined the details of an alleged animal Mom was making for them.  OOPS!  So I made the boys crochet creatures.  Thing One requested a Polar Bear.  Pictures here!  A cute little robot for Thing Two, see him here.  If I can crank it out in lightning speed, a frog for the Bubba.

2. The Greatest Weirdest Christmas Ornaments Ever:
My first Christmas with Matt I believe he was a little surprised when I pulled out my box of Christmas ornaments.  Why?  Where most people have an annual ornament exchange with the family, quaint things like a globe with the year or another teddy bear bell I had things like a perfect miniature replica of a container of granola, an Odyssey of the Mind mini trophy, a red pickup truck (for the year I hoped my parents would buy me wheels for Christmas – they did, it was about 2 inches long).  

In my family’s tradition the token ornament had to signify the most significant, strange or memorable event of that year for the person.  We have continued on that tradition by including some of the strangest things you’ll see on a Christmas tree.  See pictures here.  A potty, a circular saw, a nice plump pig, an outhouse, a tooth, motorcycle, a surfing alien; all with equally strange explinations.  But none that are “just because”.

3.  Adopt a Christmas Family:
The most fun by far is our annual game of Ding-dong Ditchem”.  After much prayer and consideration, sometimes accompanied by a little kick in the pants also known as divine intervention, someone identifies a needy family.  On the sly we learn all we can about the needs, wants and desires of that particular family and then our family divide and conquer to get gifts chosen especially with the children in mind.  

It is a blast when four or five families pool their meager resources to buy something big, fun and completely unexpected for kids who are likely to get only a small toy and a pair of socks for Christmas.  If possible we choose a complete outfit for each child and fill another box with a feast for the Holiday!  Many times we include gift certificates for food and gas as well.  We always include a letter of explination where we share the meaning of Christmas and that Christ is behind our tradition.

This year the resources were quite slim and we feared a gift giving recess but the Lord came through!  One of the family members received a “pay it forward” bonus from work and were challenged to spend it on someone needy.  Someone else went through hand me down clothing that is still in great shape and filled a box with that.  When all else fails we still have plenty of pork to share! 🙂

Nowdays The Drop doesn’t look quite like it used to.  As kids we could drive up in the dark, deliver the bounty and run.  Not so in the post terrorism era.  This year we elected an outside party from our church to call and let them know there was someone who would like to bless them this Christmas.  Yet another person is sent with a pickup load of presents and in this way even the “delivery” person is blessed and able contribute. 🙂  We remain anonimous and God gets the glory!

This post is linked at Extravagant Grace, Bringing Holy Back!  Join the movement.

Bringing Holy Back


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Amigurumi Robot

Thing Two’s crochet robot in pieces.  I made the head and inserted a doll joint for the neck.  The arms are finger thick chords so they will attach without joints.

As promised here it the finished product…

He sits at approximately 7 inches tall.


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Board Book Rehab

Do you have any of those baby board books that are looking pretty shabby?  Maybe you have one with a missing page or “windows” pulled off of it.  I had one that had a water damaged front cover.  DON’T THROW THEM AWAY!  Instead REHAB them.

Here is a fun craft my mother-in-law told me about.

All you need is scraps of fabric, paper, ribbon, glue, duct tape… etc.  You can make a variety of things work.  Duct tape that old book back together or rip off the water damaged cover and go to town.

Grab old wallpaper, wrapping paper, magazines, maps, newspaper, coloring pages.  You name it.  If you are making this craft with or for an older child you can use buttons, jewel stickers, anything that can be glued and will stay relatively flat.

Once you’ve got an array of random goodies gathered up and some good glue have a ball.  Rehab baby!

Here’s mine:


I’d love to see yours!  If you get crazy and rehab your own board book, link back here so I can take a look.  I’m sure you can beat my crayon and scrap creation.


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Ribbon Renegade

Fab as in Fu-get ABout it!

Fab in the “Fabulous I’m getting another cup of coffee before I tie myself to a rocket headed for the moon” kind of Friday.  Is anyone out there that can relate?

Last week I got the fun started with Bubba and a permanent marker.

The Lumberjack’s Wife offered her wisdom on toast and toddlers.

This week my little Pee Wee will kick things off with a girlie addition.

Hmmm.  When you get the feeling that it is too quiet in the house you are probably right. Insert blues riff and continue…

I’m a ribbon renagade.

Yeah that’s what I am.

I’m a ribbon renagade.

Please don’t tell my Mam.

For she thinks I’m sweet as my nanna’s pupkin pie, if she find out she might cry.

I’m a ribbon renagade.

Mom’s busy makin lemonade.

At least when my little girl makes messes it has been less likely to include bodily functions, food or permanently altering something inportant like her face or grandma’s table!s

Honestly Mom, where DID you get all these ribbons? I’ve never knokw such bliss!


She is already getting the hang of it.  Did I mention this girl has not one, not two but three big brothers!

Wow this beautifying process really takes some thought.

I can’t get over those chubby wrists.  Only months ago she was a featherweight and I was worried about how small she was.  Yea for chub!

Mom, can we do this again I’m having such a blast and for some reason my brothers are not stealing my toys from me this time. 

If you would like to join in on Fu-get ABout it Friday’s put your link in the comments below and I will add you to my next F.A.B. Friday post.  Read the first F.A.B. Friday post here.


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