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Homeschool Essentials – IMO

Homeschooling is one of those things that everyone does a little differently. That’s actually the beauty of it. Kids of all different learning styles and parents of all different teaching personalities can work together to achieve maximum learning (hopefully). 🙂

This post is about the resources I’ve found and like. Take it or leave it!

If you are in Idaho, I highly recomment or IDEA. It is a homeschool charter school. The idea behind a charter is that the state funds allotted to every school age child enrolled are put to work most effienciently by you for your child.

At first I was nervous about the IDEA, 🙂 thinking that I would not have freedom and authority in regards to my children and schooling at home but after I met my helper teacher I knew it was going to be good! It’s been a great two years now and I’m planning to continue next year. If you’d like more information about that just ask, I’ll email you!

When it comes to curriculum I like to have some flexibility so I don’t choose the whole package approach. Though if I did I already know I would go with Sonlight curriculum. In fact, much of what I use (even some that IDEA pays for) is in the Sonlight cores. I love the literature based learning and the fact that they incorporate great curriculum and books that are already out there into the school year.

More to come on the homeschool topic….


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Window on the World

The boys and I absolutely love this missions minded textbook.  It was recommended by a blogger friend and is a must have! Thanks Karen!

Each two page spread gives you a thorough look into a different people group of the world, mostly through the eyes of a child in that nation.  It details struggles and successes in reaching that group for Christ and has a section on how you can pray.  My boys practically fight over the prayer requests each day.  They love to hear the stories about boys and girls in other countries and even my two year old is learning.

When Matt came home from work the other day, a good 5hrs after we read about how God healed Niki in Albania and learned to say hello in Albanian, Bubba hollered “Tungjatjeta (toon-jat-yeta) Dad!”

Window on the World: When We Pray God Works [WINDOW ON THE WORLD]

Window on the World: When We Pray God Works

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