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Stop it with the birthdays already!

 Well, it’s been a little while now but Captain Obvious had another birthday and I had yet another moment of realization, “I am grown up!”

 How does it happen?

No one can say. But I was picking dandelion bouquets one day and filling little vases with my children’s beautiful weeds the next.

I love this first picture of us as parents. You might not be able to tell except the red face but Captain was taking a breath in the middle of a good cry and Matt and I are laughing.

Who would have known that this little screaming baby would turn into a boy?

A boy who loves the Lord.

A boy who helps with his siblings.

A boy who loves animals.

A boy, whom a the ripe age of 9 is already passionate about truth and faith.

Where do they come from?

I am certainly nothing special.

After all, wasn’t I nine just last week?


No one has ever been able to describe it and mother’s will forever say, “I can remember my childhood like it was yesterday.”

I am in awe at the wonder of God’s creation!


Beautiful, unique, challenging, growing, child of mine.

Side note – Captain Obvious has requested a nick name change. I haven’t decided yet if I can bear to give up my “authority”. He would like to petition the blog for the name Doolittle instead of Captain Obvious.



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My daughter’s in a chicken suit!

Gotta love a two year old who wants to dress herself.

Today she chose a very unconventional coat–a chicken suit. But there wasn’t any convincing her otherwise.

Daddy said it’s all good, it goes well with our tarp “barn”.


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Baby necessities. Really?

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It’s  amazing to me how many things we consider “necessity”. I wrote a post previously about surviving on one income and today, as the date for my son’s arrival approaches, I found myself thinking about baby necessities and what is truly helpful and what is just plain extra. I must be nesting! Can you tell from the baby car seat torn apart for deep cleaning? 🙂

When you are on a tight budget it is helpful to identify the extras and not get caught with stars in your eyes. I’ve sure had my eye on a few unnecessary and expensive accessories. But even the inexpensive things add up. So… what are you baby “necessities” and the things you know you can live without?

Baby necessities I DON’T use:

  • diaper bag (in the traditional sense) – I have a cute, larger than normal purse and I put my wallet in that and a couple diapers. Sometimes wipes. Yep, that’s all folks, for real! Mind you, my normal purse fits only a checkbook and some bills, maybe a couple of tubes of lip gloss.
  • backpack or front carrier – I put my mind to learning how to use the Moby wrap (which amounts to a long piece of fabric, you can purchase enough at Joanne’s to make your own for under $15). Once you actually learn how to do it, the Moby is the easiest, most adjustable and most comfortable carrier on the market. But don’t neglect the practice or it will just frustrate you.
  • changing pad or table – That’s what blankets and couches or beds are for. 🙂
  • baby toys and/or items of furniture – Why bother when they grow out of these things so fast? I’ve had one child that loved a swing and so I reluctantly kept that around. No exersaucer, no bouncy thing, no floor gym (that’s how babies get sat on by siblings ;)). A car seat or small lightweight age appropriate seat is helpful but not all those hurky (Did I made up that word) furniture pieces that mean you have to put your couch in storage!
  • I’ve never had a car seat condom. Oops, I’m so sorry I meant winter car seat cover!

Oh I could think of a ton more but I’ll stop. There are some thing that do make mothering so much easier but I’m so grumpy as I write this I can’t think of many. That’s what happens when you are days from your due date and snowed in and hopefully by the time you read this he will be here. Maybe you will remember something I’ve forgotten below and help me out of my funk! Somehow I think this funk might be here to stay until the baby arrives. Ack!

Baby items I do use:

  • disposable wipes and disposable diapers especially when you are away from home.
  • Moby wrap – or homemade version
  • bebePod seat or other safe place to sit a curious baby- lots of different brands available
  • siblings – these are a must for entertainment and help!

Since everyone is different you may totally disagree so…. Now its your turn.


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Posterior Presentation and Chiropractic

Would you like to possibly reduce the length of your labor? How about turn a baby that is breech or posterior? Try a chiropractor with specialized training.

This is the 3rd (and last) in a series of posts I’ve written with ramblings on pregnancy, birthing, chiropractic that works for turning babies in utero and more.

It started here…I feel like I’m on the big upward climb of a daunting rollercoaster. Click, click, click…. When will I reach the top? I’m afraid but elated. How long will it last? My heart beats a crazy rhythm. Oooo boy, here we goooooooooo!

Posterior Presentation and Chiropractic

Baby has been riding posterior consistently since he settled head down. That fact makes it feel like there are two babies jostling in there but the ultrasound confirmed he is solo. I googled ways to encourage baby to turn and tried all manner of exercises but he remained stubborn and my body continued to complain. It is hard on the lower back and pelvic region to carry a baby posterior. Ouch! I finally got time to make a chiropractic appointment and after two visits my muscles and joints are feeling much, much better. I’ve even slept through the night the last several days.

I found this cute picture and an article on other methods of turning baby around at Fruitful Vines and Olive Shoots.

After my 3rd appointment the baby turned and has stayed in the anterior (correct) position since. Chiropractic for babies in less than ideal positions really works! My provider practices Webster Technique and specializes in Pregnancy. He can encourage baby back out of the birth canal if necessary to turn him and can also work wonders with breech babies. I wouldn’t presume to say that all chiropractic providers are prepared for the extra demands and skills required for women with basketball bellies but I know I have received many benefits from chiropractic during pregnancy. It is even said to significantly reduce laboring time because the pelvis is balanced and relaxed.

This fifth pregnancy has been admittedly harder in many ways than the others but now that I’m close I realize what the work has been for. I can’t wait to hold my tiny little boy and finally know what his face looks like, if he has hair or not. He could even be the first redhead in the family.

It brings a smile to my face to wonder at how the other kids will welcome him or not. Tee hee!

I’m ready, bring it on! I’m going to start walking, hiking, climbing stairs, whatever it takes. I can’t wait to bring my little guy into the world and once again experience the miracle of birth!

Thank you Captain Obvious for taking my picture!


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Choices in Fertility

This is the 2nd in a series of posts I’ve written with ramblings on pregnancy, birthing, chiropractic that works for turning babies in utero and more.

It started here…I feel like I’m on the big upward climb of a daunting rollercoaster. Click, click, click…. When will I reach the top? I’m afraid but elated. How long will it last? My heart beats a crazy rhythm. Oooo boy, here we goooooooooo!

How funny that this post is going up right after Valentine’s Day.

Choices in Fertility

I never thought of myself as the mothering type and yet I’m on baby five! We’ve had choices along this way and I wouldn’t do a thing different. All except the timing of my first child (I think that one tends to surprise a lot of people but I’m NOT complaining), my kids have been planned. One option I’ve used: birth control pills (various different low hormone types) made me sick in more than one way. The “permanent” options out there are not fool proof, not to mention expensive as well as risky. So after going the mainstream route for years, dissatisfied and misrable, I now choose to know about my body. I love to know!

When I first read Taking Charge of Your Own Fertility I was angry that no one had told me the simple facts one can learn just by paying attention. I quit wallowing and decided to be a good student of my body from then on.

When to do something permanent:

I asked my midwife after delivering my 3rd, “When do you know it is time to do something permanent. When it is time to be done?”

She said, “You’ll feel like your family is complete. You will know that you are whole.”

There is always a chance that this is the last pregnancy but I still can’t shake the feeling that we are missing someone. I won’t be surprised if God blesses us once again. And no, that doesn’t mean I don’t know how it happens! 🙂 In fact, I’ve been so consistant and successful charting that with three out of four of my children I went into labor on my due date. The last, my drama queen wanted to make a grand entrance, she was late.

When you aren’t ready for the “snip” but want a workable, inexpensive option in birth planning:

Want tips on knowing your body and successful birth/cycle planning, simply by applying knowledge your body already supplies you? I’d be happy to answer question OR pick up Taking Charge of Your Fertility at the local library. If you agree with the method, you might need to buy it to refer to. If you don’t, it costs less than a doctors appointment. 🙂

What I understand about how the Fertility Awareness Method differs from other methods is that it is NOT the rhythm method. It used scientific truths to help you learn how to chart what YOUR body does (not the average woman) because we all know, none of us is “average” right? 🙂 Where several other methods use only two ways of tracking your changes, F.A.M. uses three and I will tell you that I was a slacker and ignored the 3rd with this last baby, which caused me to be convinced he was a girl based on timing but I was neglecting a necessary part of my chart.

I started this method with paper charts and the mystery of trying to understand my own charts but now I use their handy computer program which interprets your chart for you. Not to mention there have a great online forum.

Infertility So, here I am, in the last few weeks of pregnancy and I count it such a blessing. My heart bleeds for my dear friends who have not been able to conceive or who find themselves without ever considering the question “how many kids will we have” because even having one has been difficult a journey. I love you all. I constantly remind myself that each discomfort, challenge and even pain is a miracle that I am priveledged to have. Some long and crave to experience it just once.

If you are still trying and frustrated by the lack of answers you receive, Taking Charge of Your Fertility might be a great resource for you too. I’ve been a part of the joy when someone who had previously lost her babies, finally delivered without the use of infertility drugs. Again, it’s cheaper than a doctor appointment and doesn’t hurt to try. Knowledge can be power.


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Last trimester and labor with a little bit of TMI

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I feel like I’m on the big upward climb of a daunting rollercoaster. Click, click, click…. When will I reach the top? I’m afraid but elated. How long will it last? My heart beats a crazy rhythm. Oooo boy, here we goooooooooo!

I’ve written a series of posts with ramblings on pregnancy, birthing, chiropractic that works for turning babies in utero and more…. It is on my mind a lot lately. 🙂 Read the 2nd Post Choices in Fertility HERE

Thanks to Captain Obvious for taking my picture.

Last Trimester and Labor-

I caused quite a stir on facebook the other day with this…

TMI! TMI! TMI! So sorry Honey. I was begging for sympathy so I told my husband that trying to get around 8mo pregnant (after 4 other pregnancies) is like walking with a sack of flour tied to his “eh-hem”. I’m so mean!

I’m still chuckling about that one. Later I apologized and waddled off but I do think he got the picture. 🙂 He hasn’t asked why I’m grumpy since.

I hate gravity right about now.

When people ask me if I’m scared to deliver, a rollercoaster is the best way I can describe it. After having my first son in the hospital, I chose to deliver the next two, unassisted at birthing centers and the next (my only girl) at home. If all goes as planned, this little dude will enter the world, safe and sound, also at home.

Does it scare me? No. Yes.

Labor is always a bit scary but so is downhill skiing, rock climbing, rollercoaster riding. With all of these you could die or you could live with massive injuries or you could have great fun doing something that gives you an incredible rush and sense of power and life!

Life! A brand new life. It’s totally worth it. I felt robbed after my first delivery. I didn’t experience the pleasure and responsibility of allowing my body to usher my son into the world. But I know that things happen and I can’t always have my way. He is no less a blessing or miracle! Since I know the difference now, I’m sure hoping to chose the natural way once again.

I had a conversation with a good friend who is an anesthesiologist about preparing for labor and educating yourself (not relying on information fed to you) on the natural birth process. We agreed mothers should know, whether or not they choose to deliver unassisted.

He said, “If more mothers educated themselves, I’d be out of a job.”

So here I go again, having my baby in the comfort and peace of my home in my six-foot claw foot tub. I love water birth!

YIKES! I must be nuts.

Want details, just ask. I’m not shy about sharing my experiences.


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Why me? Toddler fun, mother woes.

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Sometimes I wonder if I’m the most inattentive mother in the world. Or maybe it has something to do with the umpteen million plates I insist on keeping in the air.

Besides the obvious like mother, homeschooler, Bible study leader… I consider myself a writer, tackle small time farming, bake gluten free foods from scratch, garden, craft and try a slew of other hobbies. Somebody STOP me. Actually at the moment I do little more than lounge (if you can call it that when my belly makes it near impossible to lay comfortably), school my children and try to patiently grow this baby with a decent attitude. 🙂

But I frequently find things like this…

…and I wonder how I’ll ever survive or how I’ve already survived the first two toddlers. Yes, that’s my kitchen chair with a nice new coat of permanent marker. And where did I find the little artist?

Happily washing her hands, as if she can get away with it. What a gal!

Hi MOM! I washing hands.

She even had marker on her face.

So… if you come to visit you’ll probably be sitting in a newly decorated chair because I haven’t taken the time to clean it. As soon as I try, she’ll find three other things to “explore” and I’ll be off running again. It’s a wonder I never go into labor early. Maybe my babies know they have a limited time to themselves and they milk it (ha) for all its worth. Cause once they are born, boy it’s ON!


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Today is Blog Schmog Funnies because I don’t have the energy or time for brilliance. Or maybe because my kiddo’s are so dog gone fun!

♥ Peewee is scrubbing everything she can reach in the kitchen with a wet dish towel singing, “Ju-ah (her name for Loud) has tinky (stinky) butt, Ju-ah has tinky butt….”

♥ A friend of mine brought us dinner one night and as we were eating her soup Loud said, “That girl who brought us dinner is a good girl! But, I don’t like those things shaped like rainbows.”

I guess he doesn’t like celery. 🙂 That might be my fault but shhh.

♥ Loud Kiddington – “I don’t like that kid at kids church.”

Me – “That’s not nice son,” but he is crying so I persist, “why do you say that?”

Loud – “He pinches my cheeks and says I’m cute!”


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Pregnancy, my two youngest boys’ perspectives

Oh the things my kids come up with.

I get a good hearty laugh at least every day. Loud is a great story teller and I’m still working on him to complete such tall tales with the phrase “And that’s just a story.”

I was slouching on the couch, letting it all hang out (just meaning I wasn’t holding in my pregnant tummy) and 3yr old Loud pointed to my bump, “Mom is that where you keep your baby?”

“Yes, it sure is.”

He then appeared to inspect it and other areas of my shirt before pointing to my chest, which pre-baby is usually quite flat. Guess you could call it a perk of pregnancy because I’ve already grown a cup size. Thank goodness I’m out of training bras now. Any hooooo, back to Loud. 

“Mom.” He raised his eyebrows, “You’ve got two babies.”

“No she doesn’t.” Scarfunkle sat up straight on the couch.

“No I DON’T!” I got a little worried but then saw where he was pointing. A baby for each bump huh?

Scarfunkle decided it was his turn to interrogate me. ” Mom, why do I always want to ask where the baby comes out?”

Oh dear! I remained calm and tried to recall my pre planned response for the dreaded question. A wise mom once helped me map out some of the worst possible kid questions.

“Well, Scarfunkle, the baby comes out the birth canal.” I sat as nonchalant as possible, secretly crossing my fingers.

“Yeah but nowhere seems big enough.”

“You are right,” I sighed, “nowhere does seem big enough, its hard work but that’s how God made it.”

Would you believe it? He didn’t press me for more and though Loud is convinced he is getting a girl AND a boy baby there was no harm done. 🙂


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In 30 min or less – purpose, life, struggle with agenda

I set the timer and put aside my slave driver hat. Both for my benefit and my kids’. Life is just to short to stress, drive, push, argue, finagle, (you know the drill). I am such a task oriented personality that it is one of the hardest things for me to remember life is not about a list! Life is not about chores! Life is not about meeting a goal or even completing everything on the homeschool agenda.

Our created purpose is to be an ambassador of Christ. Christian or little Christ.

Often times I put that hat on at church or Bible study. When I get in the car to go home I rip it off and stuff back on my slave hat. Slave to the agenda of raising an all American family. Slave to my ideas, dreams and many times, with a large family, the necessities.

I struggled with this last week praying, pleading and trying to get my priorities into perspective. I had to pep talk myself into remembering that there are seasons where we are more capable than others. Pregnancy is not a particularly capable season. Neither is raising a two-year old, nor a three-year old. When I decided to homeschool my kids I knew I’d need to set aside more of the “necessities” to do that. Yet, I never lowered my standard. I never let myself be truly okay with the extra chaos of school deadlines, potty training and plain ol’ tired mom, necessitate.

I blew it. I told myself I could and SHOULD still do it all.

Why? Because I value accomplishment and follow through. I despise laziness and things left undone.

But then I found myself pondering, what does God value?

Dishes done? Kids on pace with the local school? Floors mopped? Dinner on?

Above all, God created us for relationship. He created us to reflect his nature. And He, all powerful, having everything, knowing everything, desired US!

The more I have on my list, the less I am in meaningful relationships with others. Sadly, this always begins with God, then I alienate my husband and fight with my kids to “get it done” (whatever IT is for the moment) and of course when the house is out of order and my list is getting longer I don’t have time for others.

So after a real live baby fit and a horrendous melt down which I won’t even try to explain. YUCK! I came to the conclusion that I NEED to stop robbing my friends of the blessing of helping me. I need to lay off my husband because he cannot right all wrongs or be expected to “fix” me. And I want to enjoy my kids even if it means putting school aside, inviting them all up to my bed and spending a day reading and coloring. With an overactive personality like mine we are not in danger of living in filth and becoming illiterate. But if I don’t slow down, invite some girls over to fold laundry and drink tea while our kids play and just revel in the simpler things of life I AM in danger of being too overwhelmed, sick or blinded to the purpose of this blessed life I’ve been granted.

Purpose to do what is lasting.

Passion to see the hope in my future without a selfish agenda.

Strength to cling to the promises of the Father and raise my children to fight this same battle in the future with weapons of faith and love.


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Dejunking-start with clothes

Wow, I can’t believe how many clothes my kids have amassed. Much of it is hand me downs and many of those were in great shape and sorely needed when they arrived, especially for my oldest. Still we have TONS of clothes.

I’ve been on a cleaning rampage lately (though lately is probably a word my husband would take exception to) and for years my sister in law, Mary, has been telling me how freeing it was to go through her boys’ closets and get down to 10 things each. Seriously? TEN?

She swore it was great and really cut down on laundry.

So, thinking she is probably right I’ve “deep cleaned” a couple times over the years, widdling it down to only the essentials. And still I wash and fold and teach the boys to fold and wash some more and teach the boys to wash some and then wash some more…. WHERE is it all coming from?

On top of all the things my kids allegedly wear (though I soon found out otherwise) there are huge boxes of clothes I’ve kept for someone, anyone really, to grow into. I have never thought about it before but this is a great way to get out of style fast and in some cases that might be a good thing! 🙂

I think of myself as a fairly in style person. Not too pretentious but not too shabby either. I guess the real test would be to ask my little sis. She probably sees me and just shakes her head. I’ll admit, comfort and price are always king of my wardrobe.

Anyway, back to the kid clothes.

Mary and my husbands sister Melissa were in town last week and I got “the talk”! They both agreed that my savy saving ways are out of control and they pep talked me into getting rid of clothes. Once I thought about it (I’ve always got to justify everything) I realized even if I had to buy some newer (in style) things for the boys at a local second hand it wouldn’t cost more than $10 or $15 per kid.

My savy saving methods that keep us way out of style really hit home when I tried to donate some clothes to Other Mothers. Love them! great prices on really nice stuff. The lady kindly sent me home with 98% of what I took in, informing me that they don’t take clothes older than 2007. YIKES, half my kids were born long before that! I’ve got stuff from WAY back in 2000 maybe even before that since I’ve never been opposed to yard sale or thrift shopping. I hung my head and carted lots of nice but old savy saved clothes than didn’t fit anyone in the right season of the year to our church thrift store.

In the end, after 3 solid weeks of laundry, almost a whole week of sorting, pulling out boxes and counting clothing, and my embarasment at the thrift store we are down ALMOST to the 10 per person rule. I couldn’t do it. I’m not strong enough Mary. So I modified it a little and allowed no more than 5 of any one type of clothing. Type as determined by me! Nice shirts, play shirts, shorts, pants etc.

Then Matt and I started on our room!

I have to say, it IS very nice to know I can do all the kids’ laundry in just two loads. That could probably even be accomplished including sheets! Even better, THEY can do all their clothes. 🙂

So all I have left to say is DO IT!

You’d be surprised what is lurking in the back of the drawers. You’d also be surprised how many clothes you wash that were never worn. I discovered that my boys think the laundry basket is a great place for clothes that don’t fit or don’t feel right. Grrrr!

Happy dejunking!


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The grumps, free graphics for collague, homework, mom woes

I’m so grumpy today. What a way to start a post huh? I can’t figure if it is simply the weather (rainy and overcast) but what bothers me about that possibility is that I don’t NOT like the weather. What a mouthful! It is refreshing, smells so clean, great for the garden etc. How could I protest that? Yet, is my body protesting against my will?

Is it business? Stress? Baby blues? I’ve been much better lately about being in the Word first and foremost in my day. That helps. I used to do it before bed but now days that time is best used doing chores and I listen better to the Lord when my mind is slow (quiet might be a better choice of words) and moldable. Once the day gets going I am off to a hundred different agenda’s from homeschool to potty training to finding some sanity as a person. Am I a person anymore? Have any of you felt like that before? Like your life, kids, projects, whatever, rob you of your personality, strip the creativity and humor from your usual self? I feel like that lately. I’m humorless and just plain grumpy.

Well, one thing I do know is that the Lord wouldn’t have me dwell  on those thoughts so even though that’s where I want to wallow I think I’d better move on to another topic and see if I can’t get a better perspective.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you. Philippians 4:8-9 (NIV)

True – Hmmm, well this is random and probably not what Paul was talking about but I found a free graphics site for collage projects. I’m excited because I’m still trying to get a little bit of art into my days. I love to journal and it is great fun to journal with art mediums; paint, collage, markers, colored pencils etc. I’ve been wanting to post some more pics of various pages but… so much to do so little time! I know what’s true about it… it is true there are places to find free graphics but really the thing I love about journaling is the conversations that go on between my soul and Christ. Sometimes while I’m praying I write down the thoughts, other times I am in a certain mood and I will paste various things to a page and leave it for months then along comes a sermon topic that fits exactly with that page/mood and I’m able to complete the thought as a sort of conversation between me and my Maker. He speaks gently and deliberately, taking as much time as needed and through the art journal I am able to visualize that communication. It’s neat! I keep track of prayer requests and answers, topics I am struggling with and answers, precious moments with my children and husband or the difficult ones but always there is my Jesus, listening and teaching. That’s TRUE.

Noble – Webster’s includes these definitions;

  1. of an exalted moral or mental character or excellence; lofty: a noble thought.
  2. admirable in dignity of conception, manner of expression, execution, or composition: a noble poem.

And this is what came to mind. I’ve been urging the women in my Bible study to pray about and seek earnestly a “verse to live by” that they can learn, dwell on and cling to throughout our next study. I have yet to do MY homework. 🙂 But the following verse keeps coming up so I think the Lord has revealed the verse I am supposed to work on.

But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:37-39 (NCV)


Right – Again, trusty Websters: that which is in accord with fact, reason, propriety, the correct way of thinking, etc


I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Well, I don’t know about FACT but I took the Emma Adaptations quiz and my results were a reasonable description of me. This is what they said…

 “You are Elizabeth Bennet of Pride & Prejudice! You are intelligent, witty, and tremendously attractive. You have a good head on your shoulders, and oftentimes find yourself the lone beacon of reason in a sea of ridiculousness. You take great pleasure in many things. You are proficient in nearly all of them, though you will never own it. Lest you seem too perfect, you have a tendency toward prejudgement that serves you very ill indeed.”

Pure – Peewee was in pure bliss this morning when she discovered the boys had left the sugar tin out on the counter. She scooped a good cup full out onto the table, licked her plump little fingers and went to town scooping and licking until I caught her! Even though she was in trouble the look on her face was absolutely heaven.

Lovely – My cozy, grass green sweater, a cup of coffee and a fire in the stove.

Admirable – How my husband puts up with my grumpy moods and no matter what I throw at him he says “I’ll pray for you” and usually has an idea of something I could do or think about that would help my perspective.

Praiseworthy – My children playing happily together in spite of the fact that I’ve holed up in the basement (where that fire is) with the computer and my sweater. They even made PB & J for everyone for lunch. I’m not going to say anything about the jumping on the couch they are doing because they don’t think I know.

Okay, well I have to say I do feel better and I think I might go have a PB&J

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Why mom should have been watching the baby not helping.


My husband and father in law have been busy painting the outside of our house. Little Pee Wee is just dying to help out. She might take after her mom in just that one small little way! 😉 

I tried to keep the kids occupied but finally couldn’t stand just sitting around. I had to get my feet wet, er’ um, hand in the buck, okay what I mean is I really really wanted to help! 

Taz wants to help too

So while the kids were taking naps I painted my front door wine barrel red. 

Then someone mentioned how nice it would be if the windows could be cleaned after the paint dried. I noticed that the kids were occupied eating chips in the kitchen. Grabbing my handy squeegee and a roll of paper towels I headed out to make it happen. 

Half of a window later I heard a squish noise and then Pee Wee crying and not three feet behind me. 

She had rolled out a nice long stripe, in white trim paint, down the brown Trex decking and then walked right into it. 

ACK! I yelled. Droping all my window cleaning supplies, I ran and straddled the stripe scoopubg her up. 

“Hon, I need HELP!” 

Mom shoulda’ been watching the baby not helping.


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Potty Training

I promise, I won’t bore you with bathroom talk too much longer. I just haven’t had much else to look forward to lately. Ha! What a Mom will long for… a month or more respite from diaper duty would make my year!

Day 1 – Peewee is very interested in the “Big Boy”. Her diaper stayed dry a good part of the day but no real potty success.

Day 2 – I started late morning after having to change an icky diaper. She “tries” to go on the potty and we are back to sitting every hour. I might resort to letting her wear thick panties or cloth diapers so she can feel. Karen reminded me that with girls it’s not undies although Peewee still calls the john the “big boy”. Is it Jon or John or jon or john? Who knows?

??I never have had any luck with store bought training diapers or little kid potty seats. How bout you??

Day 3 – Same ol’, same ol’ and it is the weekend so we are on the go more. We are NOT at the stage where I can potty train on the go. Getting 4 kids in and out of the car is hard enough and with my pregnancy bladder, NO thank yee!

Day 4 – Monday so I’m home and I am ready for the challenge! Oops, I got all caught up in breakfast and school and my necessary coffee break. Although, these days coffee isn’t quite as satisfying since I’ve weaned myself off of caffeine. 😦 Decaf just doesn’t cut it.  ANYHOW… I decided to mix things up a bit since I’m in the middle of laundry week anyway, and we went cold turkey, straight to big girl panties (the thick kind). I tried a cloth diaper but it would fit around her chunky little thighs. 🙂 Her accidents are not as BIG with the panties on. I think she catches herself. Yay, small success! Another thing I learned today, but didn’t catch, is that she must have a BM around 10:15 because we try at 10 and by 10:30 there is always a suspicious odor and the subsequent clean up.


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Day 1 Potty Training

As if I don’t have enough things to do, I decided that Peewee is ready and willing for the potty. So today is as good as any day to start. She has been sitting on the potty for months, enjoying the attention and really trying when she does but I have not helped her regulate her urges or even paid attention to when she tends to go so it is TIME!

I have experienced that it is better to get the potty trained long before a new sibling or not to try at all until after the new baby. Each of my boys reverted when their sibling came but I think with her I have a good head start and I honestly think if I put my mind to it and make it a priority she will be trained in no time.

I’ve never trained a girl before so we’ll see but she likes undies and she doesn’t like potty and she knows what’s going on so here goes…

First (since she is showing interest other wise that would be first!) I will set an alarm for every hour and we’ll TRY again and again. I’m not planning to sit her there for long at all. If she goes, great! If she doesn’t there is always next time.

I’ve had the most success with consistency. None of the boys were trained this early. I took a little more hands off approach. I made it mandatory to “potty” (try) before naps, bed and leaving the house. Other than that I let them get to it on their own. It helped once we lived out to let them go outside. Well? 🙂 If they can see it they know what’s going on and so do I! With Peewee I don’t think I’ll take that approach. HA!

So DAY 1 – try to potty every hour. I’ll let you know how it goes. I keep forgetting that I wanted to make this a priority so if I write it down it will help me to remember. Maybe I’ll even have a month or two without daytime diapers before the newest addition arrives. 🙂 Cross your fingers.


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