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Socks Don’t Lie

Thing 2 and I were having a discussion the other day about the holes that seem to mysteriously appear in his socks.  I thought I had fixed the problem by purchasing black socks so that I don’t have the urge to wash the stuffing out of them anymore.  Hubby bought the thickest socks that could be found so they can take beating, tugging, stretching from their respective wearers.  I just about threw away every other sock the two big boys own because there are never mates and a huge percentage of them have holes.  Thing 2 had a couple pairs that got holes in them by the second wash! They are just like their dad that way. You might have heard  how I feel about socks, so you can imagine how this “discussion” was going.

“You’ve got to be kidding me, why is there a huge hole in the heel of your new socks?” I scolded.

“I don’t know mom!”

“Come on 2, you really need to be gentler when you put them on.”thing 2 so serious

He looked at me with blinking blue eyes, one little curl right in the middle of his forehead, and squeaked, “Mom?”


“Sometimes, when people lie, they get holes in their socks,” then, just as sincerely he contorted, “but I don’t think I lied!”

So there you have it, socks don’t lie!

I realized this week that I may have “lied” when I claimed I do not menu plan!  Ha!  I was going through paperwork on my kitchen table and came across one of my many “list’ notebooks- THANKS DAD- and discovered my menu plan, nicely written out in plain black and white!  So, whether or not there are holes in MY socks here is the truth.  I do menu plan but most of the time I don’t get around to following it despite my best efforts. It’s not for lack of trying or wanting (because I do love orginazation-again THANKS DAD). The problem is I’m a mom, the menu plan thing works out about once a week, so I much prefer the make ahead  plan, that way we have something  to eat the other six days. 

To keep my socks intact I will post my menu plans.  Instead of re-creating the list each week or month I stick to the same 10 meals and vary them.  When I’m ahead of the gang I throw it all out the window and do something fun or cook a huge load of food to freeze!

10 Day Gluten Free Lunch MENU: p.s. for those not restricted by a GF diet, many of these foods are naturally GF and not lacking in taste! Except the rice cakes. No taste no taste at all! 😉

  1. rice cake (or gf bread) tuna melt w/ fruit
  2. quesadillas or nachos w/ sunflower carrots and dip
  3. deli meat wrap w/fruit
  4. make ahead  taquitos
  5. mac n’ cheese using homemade white sauce (add cheese)
  6. fruit and cracker tray or veggie tray
  7. hot dogs
  8. soup and slime (well not really you’ll have to read about it here)
  9. toasted cheese sandwiches (or rice cakes)
  10. pizza (on rice cakes or frozen crusts)

ADDITIONAL IDEAS: breakfast for lunch, left over’s, egg salad sandwiches, summer pasta

SIDES: fruit or fruit cups, veggies and dip, pudding, chips, trail mix, apple sauce etc.

10 Day Gluten Free Dinner MENU:

  1. salmon and rice
  2. baked potatoes
  3. bbq chicken (easy to make ahead)
  4. spaghetti / or no noodle lasagna
  5. hamburger sanity/ steak/ or chops
  6. stroganov etc.
  7. casserole
  8. asian stir fry kid style
  9. tacos or rock day taquitos (beef, fish, chicken)
  10. salad and soup

SIDES: broccoli, green beans, asparagus, salad, potatoes, rice, chips, veggies and dip, soup, fruit etc.

ADDITIONAL IDEAS: let them eat crepes, barbecuey ratatouille

There you have it, I’ve come “clean”!  Hopefully my socks are free of holes.


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