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Christian short stories, biblical re-telling, stories and inspiration for mothers, stay at home mom’s (SAHM):

Something I’ve been having more requests for are stories. Most of the time I write about the crazy stuff that happens in my life, sometimes the sad stuff and occasionally I have an inspiration for a random attempt at poetry.  For those crazies who actually like reading about the goofiness in my life here are the stories.  Some of these links will take you to my food blog.  Don’t be alarmed, I have restructured and from Oct. 2009 on food stays at the food blog and everything else here at Blog Schmog.

Faith First: Struggles and successes of my faith, marriage and mothering.me schmee

Purely Fiction:

Horse Adventures:

Beggin’ for More: Partially Pathetic Poetry and other random thoughts.

Me Schmee: Much more about me than you ever need to know.

 Motherhood Uncensored: Otherwise known as stories from the crib of my four crazy Thinglets. See many more crazy kid posts under the FAB Friday category on the home page of Blog Schmog.

My Crazy Life: My testimony and stories from “the olden days”.olden days

  • The Long Long Story, Short Version – The first “chapter” in the not so short version of my testimony (how I’m learning to live for Christ).
  • Fancy – Horseback antics of a couple of highschool girls (my bff and I)

Is it Crafy or Crafty?:

  • Legacy – My solution to a waning baby book passion and a good but not practical 3yr old restraint.

I Have a Need to Know: Research and topics of interest to me.

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