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More Farm Workers. Welcome Mini Me!

21 inches 8lbs 3 oz healthy boy

Three hours old. Chunky and happy.


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4th trimester-10 months and holding

A friend knitted this adorable little set for Mini Me. I hope he still fits in whever he decides to join this craziness we call life. Whoa! Did you spot all those typos? I’m going to leave¬†them to prove how dog gone overdone I am. ūüôā


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Baby necessities. Really?

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It’s¬† amazing to me how many things we consider “necessity”. I wrote a post previously about¬†surviving on one income¬†and today, as the date for my son’s arrival approaches, I found myself thinking about baby necessities and what is truly helpful and what is just plain extra. I must be¬†nesting! Can you tell from the baby car seat torn apart for deep cleaning? ūüôā

When you are on a tight budget it is helpful to identify the extras and not get caught with stars in your eyes. I’ve sure had my eye on a few unnecessary and expensive accessories. But even the inexpensive things add up. So… what are you baby “necessities” and the things you know you can live without?

Baby necessities I DON’T use:

  • diaper bag (in the traditional sense) – I have a cute, larger than normal purse and I put my wallet¬†in that and a couple diapers. Sometimes wipes. Yep, that’s all folks, for real! Mind you, my normal purse fits only a checkbook and some bills, maybe a couple of tubes of lip gloss.
  • backpack or front carrier – I put my mind to learning how to use the Moby wrap (which amounts to a long piece of fabric, you can purchase enough at Joanne’s to make your own for under $15). Once you actually learn how to do it, the Moby is the easiest, most adjustable and most comfortable carrier on the market. But don’t neglect the practice or it will just frustrate you.
  • changing pad or table¬†– That’s what blankets and couches or beds are for. ūüôā
  • baby toys and/or items of furniture – Why bother when they grow out of these things so fast? I’ve¬†had one child that loved a swing and so I reluctantly kept that around. No exersaucer, no bouncy thing, no floor gym¬†(that’s how babies get¬†sat on¬†by siblings ;)). A car seat¬†or small lightweight age appropriate seat is helpful but not all those hurky (Did I made up that word) furniture pieces that mean you have to put your couch in storage!
  • I’ve never had a car seat¬†condom. Oops, I’m so sorry I meant winter car seat cover!

Oh I could think of a ton more but I’ll stop. There are some thing that do make mothering so much easier but I’m so grumpy¬†as I write this I can’t think of many. That’s what happens when you are days from your due¬†date and snowed in and hopefully by the time you read this he will be here.¬†Maybe you will remember something I’ve forgotten below and help me out of my funk! Somehow I think this funk might be here to stay until the baby arrives. Ack!

Baby items I do use:

  • disposable wipes and disposable diapers especially when you are away from home.
  • Moby wrap – or homemade version
  • bebePod¬†seat or other safe place to sit a curious baby- lots of different brands available
  • siblings – these are a must for entertainment and help!

Since everyone is¬†different you may totally disagree so…. Now its your turn.


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Hiking and hoping for baby to come.



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Pregnancy, my two youngest boys’ perspectives

Oh the things my kids come up with.

I get a good hearty laugh at least every day. Loud is a great story teller and I’m still working on him to complete such tall tales with the phrase “And that’s just a story.”

I was slouching on the couch, letting it all hang out (just meaning I wasn’t holding in my pregnant tummy) and 3yr old¬†Loud pointed to my bump, “Mom is that where you keep your baby?”

“Yes, it sure is.”

He then appeared¬†to inspect it and other areas of my shirt before pointing to my chest, which pre-baby is usually quite flat. Guess you could call it a perk of pregnancy because I’ve already grown a cup size. Thank goodness I’m out of training bras now. Any hooooo, back to Loud.¬†

“Mom.” He raised his eyebrows, “You’ve got two babies.”

“No she doesn’t.” Scarfunkle sat up straight on the couch.

“No I DON’T!” I got a little worried but then saw where he was pointing. A baby for each bump huh?

Scarfunkle decided it was his turn to interrogate me. ” Mom, why do I always want to ask where the baby comes out?”

Oh dear! I remained calm and tried to recall my pre planned response for the dreaded question. A wise mom once helped me map out some of the worst possible kid questions.

“Well, Scarfunkle, the baby comes out the birth canal.” I sat as nonchalant as possible, secretly crossing my fingers.

“Yeah but nowhere seems big enough.”

“You are right,” I sighed, “nowhere does seem big enough, its hard work but that’s how God made it.”

Would you believe it? He didn’t press me for more and though Loud is convinced he is getting a girl AND a boy baby¬†there was no harm done. ūüôā


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Co2 suffocation and baby bumpers- my scary night!

I had a scary night with my little girlie.

I woke up to the sound of¬†gasping or more like small grunt sounds coming from her room. We’ve had bouts with¬†asthma (prior to¬†our gluten-free¬†days),¬†croup,¬†RSV¬†and other respiratory childhood illnesses so I worried that she had come down with something suddenly.

I rushed to her crib and rolled her over, feeling her forehead, placing my other hand on her chest to feel how she was breathing. I checked for dehydration (by gently pinching the skin) and rolled her over again to¬†pat her back. She stayed asleep through all that but had no fever and hadn’t had any signs of any other sort during the day. No runny nose, no cough, no extraordinary crankiness or acting extra sleepy. Nothing.

So I prayed for wisdom and cracked a window by her crib. I knelt by her with my arm through the slats and my hand on her chest and counted the minutes, debating whether to wake her up, rush her to the ER at 2AM or WHAT!?

She breathed through little, seemingly too infrequent gasps. I worried and the minutes (probably only seconds wore on).

Her gasps started to come more frequent.

Maybe it was the window. I cracked it a little more.

She started taking a normal breath between gasps. It almost sounded like she was dreaming and the gasps could have been mistaken for a stiffled cry.

Then I remembered. When I’d first run up there she had her little face crammed in the corner of the crib under the bumper. Now, I know the bumpers are supposed to GO for strangulation concerns once the baby starts to roll and I DID that. But once she was old enough to put on her own blankets and take them off I opted to put them back, thinking the risk was gone. Not so!

I ripped all the bumpers off and sat on the floor to listen to her breathe for who knows how long.

Within 5min of uncovering her face and opening a window she was breathing normally and slept the rest of the night just fine. Not so for me of course!

I believe what happened is she was breathing bad air. Co2 that is normally breathed out into the air was going back into her little lungs and can become toxic. I think she was beginning to suffocate. Thank the Lord, he woke me up and I was able to fix the problem quickly. She is absolutely fine this morning but I wanted to share this for anyone else with toddlers. Breathing Co2 is believed to be a cause of SIDS but only medically classified as children 0-1yrs. Even your older children can be at risk!


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Want to chime in? Breastfed baby to bottle baby.

How do you get a breastfed baby to transition to the bottle?

I’ve got a three month baby in my care who is breastfed at home. His mom has been feeding him bottles during the day(along with nursing)¬†since he was one month old but when he comes to my house he doesn’t want anything to do with the same bottle he gets at home.

I’ve tried different bottle¬†nipples, different temperature milk (I’m using his mother’s milk), different hold… and various other mommy tricks!

What are your ideas?


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FAB Friday: Peewee’s hand-me-down overalls

FAB Friday is here again! Join in at the bottom of my post.

If you are new you can read the page above for the rules schmules. This meme is meant to encourage and promote conversation between bloggers so the rules are “for your own good”. HA HA! Meant to make it as fun as possible in other words.


PeeWee is lovin’ her new camo overalls and the freedom she has when not wearing pink. Mamma doesn’t rush over and try to dust the mud off of her new flamingo colored yoga pants (thanks for those btw Aunt Missy!).

Yay mom I love my brother’s clothes!

Look at me! Pee Wee took herself into the upper pasture, traversing rocks and hills and weeds. Lots and lots of weeds! To this vantage point overlooking the property. When I realized she wasn’t in the front yard I scolded the boys for loosing her (ha) and started yelling. She wasn’t concerned she hollered back “Huh?” without a hint of worry.

Then came the pictures…Pee Wee decided that she could no longer handle the hills and the rocks and the weeds. “The hills are alive with the sound of crying. La la la laaah!”

“Can’t anyone see me?”

Click, click, click. “Nope Peewee, Mom can’t see you. Must be those darn overalls!” Click, click, click. Makes for some good pictures though!

Time for you to link and share a family moment from your week!

Don’t forget to put a link here to Blog Schmog in your post so everyone can join in the fun. ūüôā


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Toddler walking or talking late, walking or talking early, whatever! Smart kids don’t always start first.

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I’ve got four kids, is it weird that I’m obsessing over when my littlest walks?¬† She is 15 months and only just started walking.¬† Yesterday she had an audience and she finally¬†said, “Today’s the day.”¬† Well not really, talking is another thing she hasn’t been eager to do though she does some sign language.¬† Ever since she has been toddling around.¬† I was beginning to wonder what is up with her!

The other day her biggest brother spotted a cute little pair of brown loafers.¬† Do the “kids” even call them that these days.¬† Boy, I sound old!¬† At any rate, cute little brown shoes with a strap across the front and a light pink flower.¬† He said “Sister needs a pair of shoes Mom.”

To which I answered a bit annoyed, “No she doesn’t, she doesn’t even walk!”

Yesterday when she started walking Thing One said, “Look Mom, now we should buy her those shoes for Christmas!”

It’s funny that I was so worried because come to think of it my kids have all walked at drastically different times.¬† They all seem fine now.¬† Unless it worries you that one stands on his hands, another does backflips off the bed and my four year¬†old rides a motorcycle.¬†¬† Okay maybe the walking thing isn’t the only indication of a successful toddler career.

Will she be denied acceptance into prestigious¬†colleges on her late walking challenge?¬† On the other hand maybe it is an asset.¬† I mean Thing Two walked just before his 10 month birthday.¬† Wow!!!¬† Except with both walking and talking, he was very awkward!¬† He did the monster walk for ages and often fell down.¬† If anyone was going to have long term¬†problems it would be my dare devil second born, who does EVERYTHING early and with great difficulty. ūüôā¬† We couldn’t understand a word he said for a long time but he is the most mechanical of all my kids.

Very smart too, he learns by osmosis.¬† Did I tell you about his Kindergarten exit exam designed to be¬†taken at the beginning of the year to help the teacher (me in this case) determine¬†what needs he has.¬† Well, he aced¬†it.¬† The only thing yet to master?¬† Skipping.¬† Last year I didn’t teach him a single thing on purpose, I was focused on surviving PPD and caring for my new infant along with homeschooling my oldest for the first time.¬† He literally learned to read by soaking it all in while coloring monster trucks all year.¬† I’m an AWESOME teacher! ūüėČ

The oldest?¬† Well, he is detail oriented to the max.¬† A guy after my own heart¬†except when it comes to his closet but that’s another story.¬† It took him longer to walk as well.¬† He neither walked nor talked until he figured he had it mastered.¬† We decided that he “practiced” during his nap and only pulled out the stops when he knew he’d wow the crowd¬†and never before.¬† The kid seriously “talked” with his mouth closed almost to his second birthday.¬† When he finally opened his mouth, full sentences came out!¬† But for my oldest, while he loves to learn the process doesn’t always come as easily as it does for Two.

Thing One struggles to do things right and psyches¬†himself out while Thing Two trusts his instinct and isn’t afraid to mess up.¬† Pee Wee, the youngest has it figured out, “wait for an audience” and Bubba, the youngest boy survives on his innate¬†ability to make people laugh. He is a born story teller.¬† Hmmm, is that like anyone I know?


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FAB Friday – How mom got slimed and a smoothie to plump up baby

FAB as in Fu-get ABout it!

FAB¬†in the ‚ÄúFabulous I‚Äôm getting another cup of coffee before I tie myself to a rocket¬†headed for¬†the moon‚ÄĚ kind of Friday.¬† Is there anyone out there that can relate?¬†

The FAB Friday carnival started as a way for moms, grandmas or dad bloggers to share the triumphs and trials of parenting.  Write a funny, inspirational or encouraging post with or without pictures and add your name to Mister Linkey at the bottom of my post on Friday’s.

 Lets make lemonade out of lemons!

This is an older post from my Gluten Free blog but it is such a popular search that I decided to move it over for FAB Friday.¬† Maybe it’s the potato soup recipe to feed an army¬†that originally went with it that gets people to click or maybe it is my rave sense of humor.¬†¬† If you just want the recipe click here.


Well, as always I had a bit of fun this week and my darling Thinglets never disappoint. 

Little Pee Wee has been chowing down her twice daily ‚Äúbulk up‚ÄĚ baby smoothie.¬† It‚Äôs a mixture of avocado and banana with goat milk or water and looks exactly like Nickelodeon SLIME. ¬†

[ Addition…BABY BULK UP SMOOTHIE:¬† If you need¬†your infant to¬†gain weight by eating healthy¬†fats this is an excellent balanced option.¬† In Hawaii, avocado is the first food given to babies- they will usually eat it if smashed smooth, the banana increases the “sweet” factor¬†you can leave it out if wanted.¬†¬†Formula, breast milk, goat milk or small amounts of water (for older babies)¬†provide¬†added nutrition and the necessary liquid to blend and get a good¬†consistency.¬† If you add baby rice cereal¬†or cooked rice (again for older babies) it adds¬†essential iron to the nutrition content of this meal.¬† The “bulk up” smoothie was a life saver for me after having PPD and both PeeWee¬†and I got Candida¬†(an internal yeast imbalance- that can cause¬†raised¬†rashes¬†on the skin among other symptoms).¬† My milk production dropped drastically and PeeWee¬†began to loose¬†weight.¬† Maintaining¬†some weight gain in the early months of life is so¬†critical but I didn’t want to switch to formula and sacrifice¬†her getting the healthy¬†antibodies in moms milk.¬† Supplementing didn’t do the trick anyways she needed more nutrition so this smoothie was a daily staple for a solid 10 mo.¬† She ate it daily from about month 4- months old until¬†almost a year.¬† Back to the story…]¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

She gets a bit frantic about me shoveling it in her mouth and flaps her arms while smacking- mouth wide open, ‚ÄúWAHHH!‚ÄĚ too slow mom- then¬†smack, open again like a¬†little bird.¬†

Meantime the Bubba had just emerged from an early morning (and yes, premature) bath time, thanks to potty training,¬†so he was standing in the buff next to me insisting I ‚ÄúWap Bubba, Mom!‚ÄĚ

He wanted his ‚ÄúNigh-night‚ÄĚ wrapped like a cape around him.






You guess it, the Bubba got wrapped, Pee Wee got smacked and Mamma got SLIMED! ICK!

The awesome thing is I didn’t even cry or yell.

With company coming over for a Bible Study and no time for anything fancy we made our simplest meal ever.¬† Another winner suggested by my wonderful MIL who is forever surprising me with easy, feed an army solutions for my crazy hand to hand¬†combat of a life!¬† I think she must giggle when I try to plan ahead by calling her in the morning ‚ÄúDo you have any ideas?‚Ä̬† then when she does I have to call her three more times before I can get it all written down.¬† I have to giggle at myself when I finally sit down to read what I wrote and it goes something like this‚Ķ




Add sour cream or ?



Nearly as simple as getting SLIMED!

My kids even ate thirds!

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