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Who influences you?

Influence. Be it beneficial or not so edifying. Who and what influence you?

When I take a good hard look at the topic I find it a bit of a surprise what I am actually influenced by. I’d like to think it is by godly principles, right living, and an entirely independent way of thinking that doesn’t include worldly voices but is that what really influences us?

Cultural bias. I’m a reader and though I don’t subscribe to any I find that I have plenty of women’s magazines to select from in my house. I decorate, plan and even shop on the recommendations of magazines.

Adds. Aren’t we swayed to veer to an out of the way store often because of a mailer we received touting a sale that can’t be passed up? That reminds me of sales! Is it really a sale if I SPEND where I wouldn’t have spent?

Media. Have you ever spent a day moping simply because of  the depressing things you saw or read on the news? I know I have.

Past  baggage, influential people on TV, family….

Would you take a moment to really think honestly and if you are comfortable sharing, please respond to this question. Who and what most affect how you go about your life?


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Just 3’s – About me meme

MY 3’s: Here are some details about me you may not know. (I’ll ask for 
yours at the end)   

1.Coeur d’Alene, ID – the most beautiful city I know

2. Whittier, CA – in a barn

3. Chino, CA – in cow country


  1. Lifeguard

2. Home Depot associate

3. Horse exerciser at a World QH show barn (that was scary)

THREE SHOWS THAT I WATCH ON TV: I rarely watch TV but when I do…

1. Law and Order

2. Dancing with the stars (while I’m reading)

3. Gray’s Anatomy (sometimes)


1. My friends backyard for peach tea and playing on the swing set! Yes I did 🙂

2. Bible Study

3. Wal Mart with 5 kids in tow from 6mo-8yrs


1. Jo

2. Gina

3. Adele



 1. Fajita’s (without the onions- can it still be called fajita’s, Rosie? Okay, leave the onions for flavor and I can pick them out. I like the flavor, not the texture)

2. Pizza (yeah, I’m Italian, although again, I question that logic. Is pizza Italian? Okay I like sauce and pasta and cheese…)

3. Salmon with dill, garlic and lemon over rice (my husband and my Dad are awesome chef’s)


1. The house I grew up in and maybe just plain being young.

2. camping and backpacking

3. landlines 🙂 Ha!


1. This one is hard, I like where I am so I’m going to have to go with, OUTSIDE

2. Camping

3. Someplace new

1. Jo


3. Andi

1. Summer (if it ever gets here) 

2. Trip with Gina

3. When my vegetable garden is ready to start harvesting.


Now, here’s what you’re supposed to do… copy into a post, delete my answers and type in your answers. Then 
link back so I can see your answers too.

I originally go this as an email so if you want to do that, you know the drill!


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I finally got a camera

 I finally did it. I’ve upgraded from my trusty point and shoot to a DSLR. I chose Canon mostly because I’m already familiar with many of the settings but I was open to anything for the right price. I’m looking forward to learning with my Canon Rebel XS and sharing more photos with you. This should be fun!

Here’s a random question to celebrate!

Is there a picture that you remember from your childhood that sticks out in your mind? Why? Tell me about it.

I wrote a post and in it I mentioned one of the funniest pictures our family has here.


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Blog Award, you are ALL nominated.

How’s that for breaking the rules?
My friends like to tease me that I am a strict rule follower so I’m practicing being flexible…
My cousin nominated me for this award and I’m passing it along to any and all of you who would like to participate!
We have so much fun here I just had to share and I’d love to read your posts.
Seems a bit of a contradiction since the name of the award is Honest Crap…er I mean Scrap.

So now I:

a. post 10 interesting things about myself. 

b. nominate 7 other blogs.

Let’s begin…

1. I’m always cold and sleep with socks on most of the year.

2. I’m STILL trying to learn Japanese. I can read all the hiragana and am slowly learning kanji (ask me about it in a month, I need accountability!)

3. I like to fly fish, though I’m not very good.

4. I wear dresses so RARELY that my boys had to ask what “strange pants” I was wearing for choir and “how do you hold them up Mom?”

4. My favorite personal feature is my hair.

5. I really like BIG dogs.

6. I really don’t like…hmm…that’s a hard one… I can’t think of a single pet I couldn’t enjoy. Speaking of pets. I currently have 25 chickens, 2 dogs, 4 barn cats (okay, so I don’t prefer indoor cats), 2 horses and one draft -he is in a different league ;), 1 beta fish and am about to get pigs again.

7. I HAVE had in my life guinea pigs, a hedgehog, an iguana, a tarantula, snakes, praying mantis (ha), milk goats, a duck – she hatched chicken eggs for me, that was a crack up watching her try to get those little chicks to take a swim in the kiddy pool, and I think that’s all. I’ve never had a rabbit.

8. I’m mostly Italian

9. I’ve had three of my four kids naturally, the last was at home on purpose.

10. I’m the oldest of three kids but I bet you could guess that based on my paragraph of disclaimer at the top and maybe a few small other hints! Teehee!

Your turn!

Don’t forget to link back here so I know where to find you.


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The two worst things about playing outdoors.

As a small aside to my post on running with sticks, the two things I am most paranoid about in life are BEES and TICKS! ACK. Yes, I’m afraid of teeny tiny bugs but not bears, moose, split open heads, poked eyes and the like.

I started writing all this in response to Gina and decided it was a good time for a new post.

So, two days ago, while I was planting trees I made a “fort” out of a large bush with arching branches. I just shored it up with some long sticks so the kids could climb under.

Around dinner we headed inside and Scarfunkle (Thing 2) started complaining that he had a scab on his head and it was bleeding. Ugh!

Being the “medical expert” in my family I called him over to investigate. Daddy doesn’t do blood.

I started pulling back his blond curls trying to find this supposed scratch when the black butt of a bug with sticky outy legs came into view, clinging onto his head for dear life. My heart stopped for a second and I shot straight in the air, throwing my hands up with a ghasp. Then I started shaking all over. I hate those little boogars!

Trying hard not to alarm my son, thankfully still standing behind him, I squeezed his shoulders and said “Don’t worry, you aren’t bleeding. Daddy will take care of this and you’ll be good to go.”

I had to swallow repulsion and choke back some tears that tried to surface, SO so thankful that Matt was home. If I hadn’t been doing the grose out dance with my stomach churning in disgust for a good half an hour after the “sighting” I would have taken a picture and given a brave tutorial on removing the grose bugs. Sorry to say I would truly cry if I had to take care of one without my husband home.

As it was I had to remind him to kill the sucker. He easily plucked it off without ever having to tell Scarfunkle what was going on but smartie pants that he is, he let the crazy bug live and simply threw it into the garbage!

I questioned the wisdom to which he said “Hon, it’s fine.”


Not being able to control my fear of a repeat visit from Mr. Tick I peeked into the garbage and just as suspected he was crawling back up the side of the bag.


Matt finally put me out of my misery (not really LOL) and killed the sucker.


Here is a funny side note. I lived in Idaho for 22 years, playing outside and camping in the woods and never once saw a tick or had one on me. Then when I got married I moved to California and in my first year there had one attach to my leg (which sent me into near hysterics) and had to get my hubby to pluck numerous ones from my dog. Since I’ve been back in Idaho (5yrs) this is my first encounter with one of those disgusting little bugs on a person in my family. We’ve had them occasionally on the dogs. So my fears are near unwarranted but oooooh do they make me squirm non-the-less.

Do you have any unexplained, possibly unreasonable fears? I don’t mean your deepest darkest, just those funny things that get your blood pumping that are mostly harmless.


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I’m feeling random lately so here goes, answer this…

What is the 1st thing you notice about people you meet.


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Want to chime in? Breastfed baby to bottle baby.

How do you get a breastfed baby to transition to the bottle?

I’ve got a three month baby in my care who is breastfed at home. His mom has been feeding him bottles during the day(along with nursing) since he was one month old but when he comes to my house he doesn’t want anything to do with the same bottle he gets at home.

I’ve tried different bottle nipples, different temperature milk (I’m using his mother’s milk), different hold… and various other mommy tricks!

What are your ideas?


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