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Board Book Rehab

Do you have any of those baby board books that are looking pretty shabby?  Maybe you have one with a missing page or “windows” pulled off of it.  I had one that had a water damaged front cover.  DON’T THROW THEM AWAY!  Instead REHAB them.

Here is a fun craft my mother-in-law told me about.

All you need is scraps of fabric, paper, ribbon, glue, duct tape… etc.  You can make a variety of things work.  Duct tape that old book back together or rip off the water damaged cover and go to town.

Grab old wallpaper, wrapping paper, magazines, maps, newspaper, coloring pages.  You name it.  If you are making this craft with or for an older child you can use buttons, jewel stickers, anything that can be glued and will stay relatively flat.

Once you’ve got an array of random goodies gathered up and some good glue have a ball.  Rehab baby!

Here’s mine:


I’d love to see yours!  If you get crazy and rehab your own board book, link back here so I can take a look.  I’m sure you can beat my crayon and scrap creation.



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