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Our tooth fairy is a thief? FAB Friday, join in!

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Ah, young’uns!

So grown up and yet still so innocent.

I love it!

Captain Obvious lost another tooth recently. He thinks he is so sly now because he knows the tooth fairy is me. Of course I tease him and insist its not me. So when he lost the tooth he came and said “Mom, don’t forget to put money under my pillow.”

Right. Thought I. If he was gonna be like that there would be no money from me!

Well, Daddy came to the rescue and had a brilliant idea to give him a roll of pennies. He slipped them under Captain’s pillow bright and early then hustled off to work.

When Captain Obvious woke up he yelled, “Mom, the tooth fairy is a thief!”

“What? What are you talking about, just calm down.”

Apparently the very same roll of pennies that hubby took from the window sill in the kitchen had just been rolled by my toothless son. “That was my roll of pennies mom!”

“I’m sure there must be some explination.”

Scarfunkle joined in, “Maybe she ran out of money.”

Now, here was my chance, “Wait just a minute, how do you know the tooth fairy is a she?”

The boys looked thoughful for some time but soon came to the conclusion that it must be Dad then.

Shoot, caught.“Well,”  I had to think fast, “I think you must not have looked well.


“I looked good but this was under my pillow. I’m telling you Mom, the tooth fairy is Dad and he just took my money to pay me.”


“You’d better go look more. Look on your desk, in your bathroom. EVERYWHERE!”




While he was looking EVERYWHERE I quickly penned this note…





…and miraculously was able to sneak it (along with some original money) into his room while the kids were looking in the school room.

When Captain Obvious found the note there was silence in his room for a good three minutes before he stole down to the main area with the most rediculous look on his face.

I managed not to die laughing and asked him what was up.

He read me the note.

His brothers though it was the coolest thing ever and for now, I’m off the radar.

Dad might still be the “alternate” but Mom is certainly NOT Tooth M. Ferrie


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Link up NEXT week for FAB Friday

I wanted to remind you that it’s almost THAT time again. Time to share your bloopers and find the silver lining. Time for standing in the rain. Time that we share our struggles and look on the bright side. Time for LEMONAIDE!

Have you had any days like that this month? Days where you would cry if you didn’t have someone to laugh with?

Write a post, including pictures if you like and come back next Friday to share with other bloggers how they’ve turned trials into joy’s. Read these great examples.

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FAB Friday: Peewee’s hand-me-down overalls

FAB Friday is here again! Join in at the bottom of my post.

If you are new you can read the page above for the rules schmules. This meme is meant to encourage and promote conversation between bloggers so the rules are “for your own good”. HA HA! Meant to make it as fun as possible in other words.


PeeWee is lovin’ her new camo overalls and the freedom she has when not wearing pink. Mamma doesn’t rush over and try to dust the mud off of her new flamingo colored yoga pants (thanks for those btw Aunt Missy!).

Yay mom I love my brother’s clothes!

Look at me! Pee Wee took herself into the upper pasture, traversing rocks and hills and weeds. Lots and lots of weeds! To this vantage point overlooking the property. When I realized she wasn’t in the front yard I scolded the boys for loosing her (ha) and started yelling. She wasn’t concerned she hollered back “Huh?” without a hint of worry.

Then came the pictures…Pee Wee decided that she could no longer handle the hills and the rocks and the weeds. “The hills are alive with the sound of crying. La la la laaah!”

“Can’t anyone see me?”

Click, click, click. “Nope Peewee, Mom can’t see you. Must be those darn overalls!” Click, click, click. Makes for some good pictures though!

Time for you to link and share a family moment from your week!

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FAB Friday – Baby Week

 It’s FAB Friday Folks!

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I was reminded this week on a blog how important it is to remind ourselves of the things we can always do, without regret…


Spend time with my kids

Spend time with my hubby

I’m sorely in need of a little perspective lately. 🙂 Sometimes I wonder why God made me so intense.


Speaking of intense…

I’ve got a new baby in the house so I didn’t have much time this week. Can anyone guess why I’ve got five kids this week, only had four last week and I was not (and am not) pregnant?


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Captain Obvious strikes again.

 It’s FAB Friday Folks!

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This week I will also be participating in Tiny Talk Tuesday at Not Before 7   Feel free to join the fun there too!

My oldest is getting a lecture as we speak write.

Dad is trying to impart his wisdom as a fellow word smith.

Eight year old Captain Obvious piped up during breakfast to say, “Grammy knows what bananas are.”

Dad determined he needed a discussion on “value added”.

“Son,” he began, “you need a lesson in appropriate things to say. If it isn’t purposeful, it likely doesn’t need to be said.”

“But Dad, Grammy does know what banana’s are.”

You can see, the lesson was well received.


Loud Kiddington overheard me say “I need to pee.” I guess I could have chosen something more ladylike but then I am in a houseful of boys.

He pipes up in full volume. “You can’t Mom!” and plants his chubby little hands sqarely on his diapered hips.

I raise my eyebrows and inquire, “Oh yeah, why not?”

“You can’t pee if you don’t have a pee-nut!”

Boy am I glad I asked.

Here’s where you link up! I can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to.


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Counting my Blessings

Sometimes it’s an automatic response for me to dwell on the things I can’t have, my kids can’t eat, those aspects of my life that aren’t working… and then came Fab Friday and as I thought about what to post I realized that perspective is like hanging from my toes. All it accomplishes is clouding my vision.

God wants our worship. He requires our adoration. Not as a chore but as a response to the wonderful things he does. This world is not our home. He has a plan to restore a far greater dwelling that does not decay, disappoint or cause grief. Why worship? Because everything good comes from the Father of Lights.

All that bad junk? A consequence of our fallen world. Not God’s idea. Our idea. OUR idea, to do it on our own to make our own way, to pursue our dreams.

Look around you today. What can you praise Him for?

Of all the things Loud Kiddington can’t eat I’m praising God there are thing he can! Check out Gluten Free 4 Goofs to see what yummy breakfast treat is all over his face.


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FAB Friday – A couple small changes

First the changes:

1. I’ve decided from now on (or until I change my mind again) that I will be posting my FAB Friday post seperately so that I do not have to be tied to a post only for Friday. I hate rules! Especially the self imposed kind.

2. Also I’d like to know if anyone would be interested in hosting. There is absolutely no reason I need to hog this carnival. Plus if someone else hosts everyone once in a while I have a little more freedom from those very same self imposed regulations. You will need a Mister Linky free account.

3. We need to add a real rule. At the bottom of the post that you link please add a comment like “Read how others have made lemonade out of lemons HERE at …(whoever is the host that week). Or read other FAB Friday posts HERE…

Other than that the carnival is the same. Share a story or pictures of a time when you had to make lemonade out of lemons. So lets get to it!

FAB as in Fu-get ABout it!

FAB in the “Fabulous I’m getting another cup of coffee before I tie myself to a rocket headed for the moon” kind of Friday.  Is there anyone out there that can relate? 

I sure can, HERE is my post this week.

The FAB Friday carnival started as a way for moms, grandmas or dad bloggers to share the triumphs and trials of parenting.  Write a funny, inspirational or encouraging post with or without pictures and add your name to Mister Linkey at the bottom of my post on Friday’s.

 Lets make lemonade out of lemons!

Here is where YOU link up.  You can use any post you like, it does not have to be written on Friday.  That is why it is important to put the post link not your blog link. If you need help with this just ask.  Once you have linked up leave a comment here so I don’t miss your addition and visit the others leaving comments and encouragement.

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