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Today is Blog Schmog Funnies because I don’t have the energy or time for brilliance. Or maybe because my kiddo’s are so dog gone fun!

♥ Peewee is scrubbing everything she can reach in the kitchen with a wet dish towel singing, “Ju-ah (her name for Loud) has tinky (stinky) butt, Ju-ah has tinky butt….”

♥ A friend of mine brought us dinner one night and as we were eating her soup Loud said, “That girl who brought us dinner is a good girl! But, I don’t like those things shaped like rainbows.”

I guess he doesn’t like celery. 🙂 That might be my fault but shhh.

♥ Loud Kiddington – “I don’t like that kid at kids church.”

Me – “That’s not nice son,” but he is crying so I persist, “why do you say that?”

Loud – “He pinches my cheeks and says I’m cute!”


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Spoon Saga – Spoon is in Minnesota

This postcard came from Spoon

This is what it said.

We are on another adventure. And guess what? We found our friend Minnie here.

Love Spoon, Buddy, Sigu and Minnie

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Spoon Saga- Another letter from Hawaii

I received a condolance card allegedly from a friend of Spoon that said;

So sorry to hear about the loss of your spoon. I know you need him but he’s having so much fun traveling he doesn’t want to come home. He even found his long lost Hawaiian buddy! They’re having a great time hanging out and catching up with each other. Here are some photos. – the yellow scribbles are Judah’s addition.

The following pictures were attached…

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Spoon Saga- Postcard from Hawaii

Dear Family, I sure wish I could say I missed you….BUT this being held hostage thing isn’t so bad. While I was on my quest to find that stupid dish that left me hanging some how I get hijacked and ended up in Hawaii at some royal court with the Kind (Kakiehukie lama or some thing like that) & his queen! Go figure!! Love Spoon p.s. who knows where I’ll end up next.


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Spoon, come back!


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The Spoonnapping Saga Continues…

After receiving this ransom notfor by beloved kitchen Spoon I waited for more correspondence and this letter arrived from Phoenix AZ…
The letter reads…

Dear family,

I’m okay.  I’m being treated well. I only scoop premium ice cream. I think this guy is just lonely and jealous that a spoon like me has such a nice family to take care of him. He sometimes talks about his family. There was a crazy cat who played violin and a cow. The cow went away one night when the moon was full. He was never seen again. That’s when all the trouble started with running away.
We’ve been seeing a lot of the country. I’m a well traveled spoon! It was very snowy and cold in Montana so we went to Wisconsin. Lot’s of cows there. I think he was looking for his old friend. Didn’t find him. Now we’re in the sunny west. He’s questioning all the cowboys. I have to mail this before he gets out of the bathroom! I’ll be home soon.
Love Spoon

…and it is scrawled on the back of this poster that even makes jello wiggle with fear…

Has anyone seen Harley Quinn?


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Blog Award, you are ALL nominated.

How’s that for breaking the rules?
My friends like to tease me that I am a strict rule follower so I’m practicing being flexible…
My cousin nominated me for this award and I’m passing it along to any and all of you who would like to participate!
We have so much fun here I just had to share and I’d love to read your posts.
Seems a bit of a contradiction since the name of the award is Honest Crap…er I mean Scrap.

So now I:

a. post 10 interesting things about myself. 

b. nominate 7 other blogs.

Let’s begin…

1. I’m always cold and sleep with socks on most of the year.

2. I’m STILL trying to learn Japanese. I can read all the hiragana and am slowly learning kanji (ask me about it in a month, I need accountability!)

3. I like to fly fish, though I’m not very good.

4. I wear dresses so RARELY that my boys had to ask what “strange pants” I was wearing for choir and “how do you hold them up Mom?”

4. My favorite personal feature is my hair.

5. I really like BIG dogs.

6. I really don’t like…hmm…that’s a hard one… I can’t think of a single pet I couldn’t enjoy. Speaking of pets. I currently have 25 chickens, 2 dogs, 4 barn cats (okay, so I don’t prefer indoor cats), 2 horses and one draft -he is in a different league ;), 1 beta fish and am about to get pigs again.

7. I HAVE had in my life guinea pigs, a hedgehog, an iguana, a tarantula, snakes, praying mantis (ha), milk goats, a duck – she hatched chicken eggs for me, that was a crack up watching her try to get those little chicks to take a swim in the kiddy pool, and I think that’s all. I’ve never had a rabbit.

8. I’m mostly Italian

9. I’ve had three of my four kids naturally, the last was at home on purpose.

10. I’m the oldest of three kids but I bet you could guess that based on my paragraph of disclaimer at the top and maybe a few small other hints! Teehee!

Your turn!

Don’t forget to link back here so I know where to find you.


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