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Potty Training

I promise, I won’t bore you with bathroom talk too much longer. I just haven’t had much else to look forward to lately. Ha! What a Mom will long for… a month or more respite from diaper duty would make my year!

Day 1 – Peewee is very interested in the “Big Boy”. Her diaper stayed dry a good part of the day but no real potty success.

Day 2 – I started late morning after having to change an icky diaper. She “tries” to go on the potty and we are back to sitting every hour. I might resort to letting her wear thick panties or cloth diapers so she can feel. Karen reminded me that with girls it’s not undies although Peewee still calls the john the “big boy”. Is it Jon or John or jon or john? Who knows?

??I never have had any luck with store bought training diapers or little kid potty seats. How bout you??

Day 3 – Same ol’, same ol’ and it is the weekend so we are on the go more. We are NOT at the stage where I can potty train on the go. Getting 4 kids in and out of the car is hard enough and with my pregnancy bladder, NO thank yee!

Day 4 – Monday so I’m home and I am ready for the challenge! Oops, I got all caught up in breakfast and school and my necessary coffee break. Although, these days coffee isn’t quite as satisfying since I’ve weaned myself off of caffeine. 😦 Decaf just doesn’t cut it.  ANYHOW… I decided to mix things up a bit since I’m in the middle of laundry week anyway, and we went cold turkey, straight to big girl panties (the thick kind). I tried a cloth diaper but it would fit around her chunky little thighs. 🙂 Her accidents are not as BIG with the panties on. I think she catches herself. Yay, small success! Another thing I learned today, but didn’t catch, is that she must have a BM around 10:15 because we try at 10 and by 10:30 there is always a suspicious odor and the subsequent clean up.


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Day 1 Potty Training

As if I don’t have enough things to do, I decided that Peewee is ready and willing for the potty. So today is as good as any day to start. She has been sitting on the potty for months, enjoying the attention and really trying when she does but I have not helped her regulate her urges or even paid attention to when she tends to go so it is TIME!

I have experienced that it is better to get the potty trained long before a new sibling or not to try at all until after the new baby. Each of my boys reverted when their sibling came but I think with her I have a good head start and I honestly think if I put my mind to it and make it a priority she will be trained in no time.

I’ve never trained a girl before so we’ll see but she likes undies and she doesn’t like potty and she knows what’s going on so here goes…

First (since she is showing interest other wise that would be first!) I will set an alarm for every hour and we’ll TRY again and again. I’m not planning to sit her there for long at all. If she goes, great! If she doesn’t there is always next time.

I’ve had the most success with consistency. None of the boys were trained this early. I took a little more hands off approach. I made it mandatory to “potty” (try) before naps, bed and leaving the house. Other than that I let them get to it on their own. It helped once we lived out to let them go outside. Well? 🙂 If they can see it they know what’s going on and so do I! With Peewee I don’t think I’ll take that approach. HA!

So DAY 1 – try to potty every hour. I’ll let you know how it goes. I keep forgetting that I wanted to make this a priority so if I write it down it will help me to remember. Maybe I’ll even have a month or two without daytime diapers before the newest addition arrives. 🙂 Cross your fingers.


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FAB Friday: Peewee’s hand-me-down overalls

FAB Friday is here again! Join in at the bottom of my post.

If you are new you can read the page above for the rules schmules. This meme is meant to encourage and promote conversation between bloggers so the rules are “for your own good”. HA HA! Meant to make it as fun as possible in other words.


PeeWee is lovin’ her new camo overalls and the freedom she has when not wearing pink. Mamma doesn’t rush over and try to dust the mud off of her new flamingo colored yoga pants (thanks for those btw Aunt Missy!).

Yay mom I love my brother’s clothes!

Look at me! Pee Wee took herself into the upper pasture, traversing rocks and hills and weeds. Lots and lots of weeds! To this vantage point overlooking the property. When I realized she wasn’t in the front yard I scolded the boys for loosing her (ha) and started yelling. She wasn’t concerned she hollered back “Huh?” without a hint of worry.

Then came the pictures…Pee Wee decided that she could no longer handle the hills and the rocks and the weeds. “The hills are alive with the sound of crying. La la la laaah!”

“Can’t anyone see me?”

Click, click, click. “Nope Peewee, Mom can’t see you. Must be those darn overalls!” Click, click, click. Makes for some good pictures though!

Time for you to link and share a family moment from your week!

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