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Tracie Peterson – Dawn’s Prelude book review

Tracie Peterson – Dawn’s Prelude, historical fiction, Alaska fiction, christian, love, hope

Dawn's Prelude (Song of Alaska)Dawn’s Prelude was disappointing because again I lost a lot of sleep, it was that good!  I recommend this novel.  Surprising and full of hard questions about life and tragedy, the book is beautifully written.

I’ve not read a Tracie Peterson novel before so I didn’t have any assumptions to go off of.   Truthfully I expected a leisurely read.  You know the ones; those novel’s I’ve been known to call “soft reads” or “summer reads”.  Dawn’s Prelude was anything but.   At first I was disappointed, not because I didn’t like the book but because I was expecting to catch up on some sleep after reading Eyes of Elisha.    The first, second, third, fourth chapter into the novel I finally dragged myself to bed.  Poor hubby I’d said “one chapter Hon, then I’ll can sleep”!

Set primarily in the serene landscape of Sitka Alaska, early 1800’s.  Lydia, a young widow moves away from her cruel step children to be with her Aunt Zerelda.  Her past continues to hold her back.  Will she ever be free?

Zee was one of my favorite characters.  A plucky Christian lady who “gets along fine” on her own!  She provides answers to many of the difficult questions Lydia poses.  I love how Tracie Peterson used this character instead of author’s voice or simply leaving questions unanswered. 

There was a point in the middle of the novel where I thought, “we are about to walk a fine line between believability and  soap opera reality” but as soon as I thought it the purpose for certain events became clear and I was once again swept away by the beauty and connectivity of the writing.

The diversity of the characters kept me spellbound.  There are characters of Swedish origin, Russian and even Tlingit Indians.  I found myself chanting the Swedish dialogue in sing song and could almost hear the Russian voices as well.

Well done Tracie, I can’t wait to pick up the next novel in this series!

Amazingly, I WON Dawn’s Prelude through a blog giveaway.  Thank you to Jolanth!


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Nightstand, books with pretty covers -December reads

I’m curious!  Do you read books more often by genre, author, topic, pretty cover?  How do you most often pick your books?Raising Rain

When I took a look at my nightstand I realized I do a combo when picking what to read next.  Often it starts with an author that I like or have had recommended.  Sometimes it’s about what genre I haven’t read recently (I like to mix it up) but occasionally a really great cover will trump all the rest.  That was the case with Dawn’s Prelude.  What a beautiful book.  I have a feeling Raising Rain by Debbie Fuller Thomas is going to lure me in on account of the beautiful cover as well.

Click on the book title links to read my full review.

Dawn's Prelude (Song of Alaska)Tracie Peterson – Dawn’s Prelude   was disappointing because again I lost a lot of sleep, it was that good!  I recommend this novel.  Surprising and full of hard questions about life and tragedy, the book is beautifully written.

Christian Fiction Suspense & MysteryBrandilyn Collins – Coral Moon:  I’m almost done with this novel, the 2nd in the Kanner Lake Series but since I’ve run out of batteries in my flashlight I’ve had to resort to reading only in the daylight, otherwise I would have been done by now.  Check out my tutorial “How to read a Brandilyn Collins Novel

Link up your nightstand reads at 5 Minutes for Books

What's On Your Nightstand


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10 Things I Hate About Books

  1. They make me loose sleep
  2. They make me cry – I NEVER cry
  3. They make me eat my words – “I hate romance novels.”  “I’m too chicken to read crime novels.”
  4. They distract me from housework.
  5. They CALL to me from the book store
  6. They FIND me in the thrift store, and occasionally…
  7. They pop into my amazon cart and show up on my porch.”How did YOU get here?”
  8. Did I mention they make me cry?
  9. They make me forget to eat.
  10. If I don’t finish quickly enough they make me mope around my house until I can.

Here are the reviews for the books I’ve read and immensely enjoyed this month.  Click the titles for my reviews.

Eyes of Elisha by Brandilyn Collins –  Suspense, riveting action, CSI but realistic.  So not CSI. Law and Order without the hopelessness. Ok not Law and order. 🙂  Brandilyn Collins writes one of a kind novels.

Though Waters Roar by Lynn Austin –  Like a good friend going home, I’m sad to have finished this book.

Violet Dawn by Brandilyn Collins- What do murder and hope have in common?

What's On Your Nightstand


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Though Waters Roar

Though Waters RoarSince reading Lynn Austin’s new book “Though Waters Roar” I can’t stop imagining my life as a river. Often I try to swim against the current because I don’t like where it is leading me.  When I give up and let Christ’s peace wash over, the ride is not always what I expect but I certainly experience less drowning, choking, exhaustion!

This Historical Fiction takes place at the end of Prohibition, throughout women’s suffrage and in a turbulent time in America’s History.  From her jail cell, Harriet reminisces about the stories her grandmother told her and the life each of them was dealt.  The story beautifully portray’s a relationship between a girl and her grandmother who are both “social misfits” in their grand family heritage.  Together, the women find peace in the river of life through exceptionally difficult circumstances.

Lynn’s style of writing makes you feel like you are having a conversation over coffee.  The characters seem so real and the story does not follow the expected course of “happily ever after”.  She writes about real life and real struggles with the hope of Christ as the thread that ties it all together but not in some perfect pretty package. 

The river will swallow those who fight against circumstances.  There is no permanent “hot springs” of life instead it is rocky and turbulent at times.  Sometimes its a slow calm trickle but always unexpected. 

Right now I’m still attempting to swim upstream. Lord help me surrender! What about you? Is your life a slow trickle or a raging waterfall? Maybe somewhere in between.


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