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Do you Kindle?

I’m never been one to jump on band wagons. And I’m NEVER the first of my friends with the latest gadget. But lately the Kindle has peaked my interest. I have to admit when my husband asked if I’d like one for Christmas I poo-pooed the idea saying “It’s too expensive. Besides I like to hold a book, smell a book….” And on I went with a laundry list of reasons why I don’t want a Kindle.

Then came that day when I learned that not one but TWO of one of my favorite author’s books were available FREE on Kindle and I began to take back a few of my previous affenties to the electronic beast. Well who hates free? The only problem with that is now I feel bad not supporting my writer friends if I were to buy the device and only load free books. Can you say “cheap, cheap, cheap?”

The question remains. Do you Kindle? Should I Kindle? When are they going to have a Kindle library. THAT might be the clencher for me.

Even as I write it I have visions of my grand home library with hardwood floor, walls and walls of books, plush chairs, ornate lampstands, complete with one of those sliding ladders. Sigh! It’s imaginary people, remember I have kids! We operate on a teacher’s salary. Maybe I can load a virtual library on the screen of my Kindle and “flip” through titles on a touch screen like it’s a mini shelf.  Hmmm, ya think I would get anywhere with my ideas? Here’s wishin’ and here’s to reading- Kindle or not!


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FREE Brandilyn Collins on Kindle

My post “How to Read a Brandilyn Collins’ Novel” is being featured today (Sunday) on 5 Minutes for Books!

Check it out here and learn how to get my favorite Christian suspense writer’s novels free!

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