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Pregnancy, my two youngest boys’ perspectives

Oh the things my kids come up with.

I get a good hearty laugh at least every day. Loud is a great story teller and I’m still working on him to complete such tall tales with the phrase “And that’s just a story.”

I was slouching on the couch, letting it all hang out (just meaning I wasn’t holding in my pregnant tummy) and 3yr old Loud pointed to my bump, “Mom is that where you keep your baby?”

“Yes, it sure is.”

He then appeared to inspect it and other areas of my shirt before pointing to my chest, which pre-baby is usually quite flat. Guess you could call it a perk of pregnancy because I’ve already grown a cup size. Thank goodness I’m out of training bras now. Any hooooo, back to Loud. 

“Mom.” He raised his eyebrows, “You’ve got two babies.”

“No she doesn’t.” Scarfunkle sat up straight on the couch.

“No I DON’T!” I got a little worried but then saw where he was pointing. A baby for each bump huh?

Scarfunkle decided it was his turn to interrogate me. ” Mom, why do I always want to ask where the baby comes out?”

Oh dear! I remained calm and tried to recall my pre planned response for the dreaded question. A wise mom once helped me map out some of the worst possible kid questions.

“Well, Scarfunkle, the baby comes out the birth canal.” I sat as nonchalant as possible, secretly crossing my fingers.

“Yeah but nowhere seems big enough.”

“You are right,” I sighed, “nowhere does seem big enough, its hard work but that’s how God made it.”

Would you believe it? He didn’t press me for more and though Loud is convinced he is getting a girl AND a boy baby there was no harm done. 🙂


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Dejunking-start with clothes

Wow, I can’t believe how many clothes my kids have amassed. Much of it is hand me downs and many of those were in great shape and sorely needed when they arrived, especially for my oldest. Still we have TONS of clothes.

I’ve been on a cleaning rampage lately (though lately is probably a word my husband would take exception to) and for years my sister in law, Mary, has been telling me how freeing it was to go through her boys’ closets and get down to 10 things each. Seriously? TEN?

She swore it was great and really cut down on laundry.

So, thinking she is probably right I’ve “deep cleaned” a couple times over the years, widdling it down to only the essentials. And still I wash and fold and teach the boys to fold and wash some more and teach the boys to wash some and then wash some more…. WHERE is it all coming from?

On top of all the things my kids allegedly wear (though I soon found out otherwise) there are huge boxes of clothes I’ve kept for someone, anyone really, to grow into. I have never thought about it before but this is a great way to get out of style fast and in some cases that might be a good thing! 🙂

I think of myself as a fairly in style person. Not too pretentious but not too shabby either. I guess the real test would be to ask my little sis. She probably sees me and just shakes her head. I’ll admit, comfort and price are always king of my wardrobe.

Anyway, back to the kid clothes.

Mary and my husbands sister Melissa were in town last week and I got “the talk”! They both agreed that my savy saving ways are out of control and they pep talked me into getting rid of clothes. Once I thought about it (I’ve always got to justify everything) I realized even if I had to buy some newer (in style) things for the boys at a local second hand it wouldn’t cost more than $10 or $15 per kid.

My savy saving methods that keep us way out of style really hit home when I tried to donate some clothes to Other Mothers. Love them! great prices on really nice stuff. The lady kindly sent me home with 98% of what I took in, informing me that they don’t take clothes older than 2007. YIKES, half my kids were born long before that! I’ve got stuff from WAY back in 2000 maybe even before that since I’ve never been opposed to yard sale or thrift shopping. I hung my head and carted lots of nice but old savy saved clothes than didn’t fit anyone in the right season of the year to our church thrift store.

In the end, after 3 solid weeks of laundry, almost a whole week of sorting, pulling out boxes and counting clothing, and my embarasment at the thrift store we are down ALMOST to the 10 per person rule. I couldn’t do it. I’m not strong enough Mary. So I modified it a little and allowed no more than 5 of any one type of clothing. Type as determined by me! Nice shirts, play shirts, shorts, pants etc.

Then Matt and I started on our room!

I have to say, it IS very nice to know I can do all the kids’ laundry in just two loads. That could probably even be accomplished including sheets! Even better, THEY can do all their clothes. 🙂

So all I have left to say is DO IT!

You’d be surprised what is lurking in the back of the drawers. You’d also be surprised how many clothes you wash that were never worn. I discovered that my boys think the laundry basket is a great place for clothes that don’t fit or don’t feel right. Grrrr!

Happy dejunking!


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Perspective, business, keeping house

I thought this would be a good week for me to practice perspective. I know in my head that I always have 400 times more tasks laid out than anyone can possibly accomplish in a lifetime. I caught myself grumbling at my husband about some of the things that are left undone and nagging on me. But in the same hour wanting him to be around just to talk, hang out with me and the kids and maybe even help the boys with math.

Well, hon, I had to remind myself there are only 24 hrs in a day you know!

I’ve been trying to learn the lessons of pacing and picking my battles. What really matters? That the kitchen is clean or that the kids learn and grow and my husband and I still love each other at the end of the day?

Maybe some months or some years those don’t have to be mutually exclusive but this month, this week we can’t do it all!

I’ve been picking one thing at a time that is nagging on me and tackling it, taking as many days as it takes to completion. The first task was our room. I’ve always wanted Matt and my bedroom to be a place of refuge. A sanctuary from the craziness of a busy family. It had gotten out of control with baby stuff, my projects, laundry… You know!

I am proud to say I am very close to done.

But each day has it’s own problems too. Today I woke up early, too early ;), to a load of dog doodo on the laundry room floor, a kitchen that had been overworked the night before and lay in shambles, and then a little gal with terrible diarreah from getting crackers at church this weekend. I hadn’t even had breakfast and company was coming at eleven.

Thank the Lord, the women who were coming are the kind who would have cleared their own spot to sit, swept the floor for me or fed me lunch if it was really that bad. So I had nothing to worry from them. It’s ME!

In Matthew it says to seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

I can sure attest to that.

I actually took a little break from untangling several skeins of yarn to write this post. Someone decided my yarn bag would be great fun.

I’m trying not to be so hard on myself and my kids. Trying to start my days in the Word or maybe I need to consider a different appointment with the Lord like naptime or bedtime. I love doing devotions in a multi media art journal. I wrote a funny post about that on another crazy mom day. It helps me not be so rigid, keeps me going and not self edit etc. The organic nature of art, crayons, paint, ripped up magazines or whatever get my creativity going and help stop the voice of doubt that says I haven’t read long enough or gone deep enough.

Anyway I am rambling. Just needed to do something without doing something while I “rest”! Haha!

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