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I just couldn’t resist.

If you put much stock in how people reach your blog, you might be a bit disheartened. Either that or you’ll get a good laugh!

Today I logged in to find an inquiry search that ended up here at little ol’ Blog Schmog. And I’m going to insert a picture to drive home my point. This is my beat up, rickety little chicken coop. Actually it’s quite a cool story what came along with that coop but the point here is the internet search.

I’m hoping this summer to remodel it. More blue tarps and more baling twine.

Speaking of blue tarps. You also might remember my blue tarp barn. Or my babies running around outside with nothing but boots on. NO, their mother doesn’t condone it. I should have said toddlers. You know, they are the kind that can put their own shoes on but nothing else! 🙂 

What else? Well, a friend of mine dreamed that she came to visit and in the front yard, my hound dog was chasing a raccoon. Not too far fetched. Are you sensing a theme?

We are a bit redneck.

Truly, if you met me at Wal Mart you might not get that sense. After all, I’ll be hefting a 50lb bag of dog food into  a cart that is spilling over with kids all by my lonesome while my hubby shops for ammo.  Haha, I’m kidding, he doesn’t own a gun.

I do! 😉

Not only that.If you could follow us out to the rig, and let me tell you, it’s classy, you’d see I can multitask! I usually have a load of garbage for the dump. We don’t let that stuff hang around the yard! I drive a great big ol’ poo brown suburban. I call it Latte colored! The kids say I need to wash it but that’s what the rain is for. Hey, I’m just being frugal!

So, with all that being said, I can’t imagine why someone came here of all places to learn “How rednecks say hello.”

It’s a mystery.

I bet they were researching for a novel on the classy people of North Idaho.

What r’ the funniest searches ya’ll’ uv’ seen on yur blogs?



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Some more blog housekeeping

Bear with me as I move a couple more posts over. I am still, slowly working through the process of separating the food from the rest of my blog content.

Here is a glimpse of the real housekeeping that also went on today after taking down the tree! I completely rearranged my living room.

Here is our watch dog “Willamina” doing her job, watching the insides of her eyelids!

Come into my kitchen.

See the cross under the third tree?


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