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Safely Jump Start a Car – Ladies, we can!

Vehicle maintenence, do it yourself, jump a car, women can.

I posed some questions a last week about women and vehicle maintenance in a poll.  Where some of us are confident knowing our way around cars, trucks and SUV’s there were some who don’t feel as comfortable.  Conveniently I got this article in my email inbox this week and decided to share it with you.  I know I can always use a refresher course on jumping a car. 

For some reason all the years hearing my “safety nazi” Dad warning me about battery acid and electrical shock are etched on my brain.  Every time I have to jump a vehicle I get nervous, worried I’ll re-arrange my hairdo and look like the guy at the beginning of THIS TUTORIAL!


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Women & Vehicle Maintenance

A thought came to me the other day as I was describing to a twenty something “kid” (haha) how to adjust the carburetor on his vehicle.  How many of my women friends could benefit from a crash course (no pun intended) in vehicle maintenance and possibly other more complicated repairs.

This year, my mom and a dear friend of mine have both found themselves in the position where the things their husbands once did are no longer possible.  In my mom’s case my dad is still able to do many things but is likely to loose that ability due to Alzheimer’s.  My friends husband had a stroke.  What would you do if your husband were not able to perform the menial tasks he takes responsibility for?

Vehicle maintenance is just one area where I believe women need to “get a little education”!  Plus, I think it’s fun to work on cars.  Crazy, I know.

Answer this poll then leave a comment with your vehicles year, make and model along with any other things you would like to know.  If there is enough interest I will write a series of DIY’s just for you, my bloggy and IRL friends.


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